Big disclosure in Udaipur railway bridge blast case: Conspiracy hatched for less compensation in land acquisition, ATS detained 4 including minor

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The ATS made a shocking disclosure on Thursday in connection with the blast on the Udaipur Railway Bridge. This conspiracy was hatched due to less compensation for land acquisition for the railway track. In this case, 4 people including a minor have been detained. This also includes the seller of explosives. Many more important information is going to come out in questioning them.

ATS-SOG ADG Ashok Rathore gave important information related to the blast case in a press conference in Jaipur on Thursday evening. He said- Dhulchand Meena (32), Prakash Meena (18) and a 17-year-old boy have been arrested. All three are residents of Eklingpura in Jawar Mines, Udaipur. Ankush Suwalka, who sold explosives, has also been detained. Ankush’s father Fatehlal Suwalka has a shop selling explosives. In the interrogation so far, the accused have said that their aim was not to cause loss of life. Gelatin sticks found in Dungarpur have no connection with this incident.

Explosive planted after train departure
ADG Rathore told that the explosives were planted after the accused left the train. It is clear from this that there was no intention to harm people. After planting the explosives, all three left the bike. The explosives for the blast were taken from Ankush Suwalka in Dholki Pati area. The conspiracy was hatched only to attract the attention of the government system.

The main accused has worked in Hindustan Zinc
ATS-SOG ADG Ashok Rathore told that the main accused Dhulchand had worked in Hindustan Zinc earlier. He had some prior knowledge about the blasting. He included his cousins ​​living in his village in this plan. He had told both the brothers that there would be minor damage. That’s why both got involved in his talk.

Were angry for not getting compensation and job
In 1974-75 and 1980, Dhulchand Meena’s land was acquired by the Railways and Hindustan Zinc. After this he has not got compensation or job. For this it was continuously trying for many years. When no help was received, he made a plan to blow up the track in anger.

According to the information, on November 12, at around 11 o’clock on Saturday night, unknown people blasted the track on the Udaipur-Ahmedabad railway line. This caused cracks on the tracks. Ammo has also been found on the spot. The miscreants had planned to blow up the bridge. The train had passed through this track only four hours before the blast. After the incident, the train coming from Ahmedabad to Udaipur was stopped at Dungarpur. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had inaugurated this line on 31 October itself.

Was hiding in Udaipur for 2 days
During interrogation, it was revealed that the three youths had land near the Udaipur-Ahmedabad railway line. The land of all three was acquired to make the track. During this, they also got less compensation. Since then, he was running angry. To avenge this, the trio conspired to blow up the track. After this incident, all the three accused were hiding in Udaipur’s Savina after switching off their mobiles.

Due to the alertness of the local people, many lives were saved.
The incident is about 35 km from Udaipur on the Salumber road covered by the railway bridge in Kevde ki Naal. Where the villagers heard the sound of explosion around 10 pm on Saturday night. After this, some youths immediately reached the track. He saw gunpowder lying on the railway line. The tracks were broken at many places. Nut-bolts were also found missing from the line on the bridge. A thin iron sheet was also found uprooted on the track.

Seeing this situation, people informed the railway officials. After this the traffic on the track was stopped. If a train had come on that track, many lives could have been in danger.

Terrorist angle was not found in this incident
The police arrested the three accused from Eklingpura in Udaipur. The accused had threatened the railway officials to blow up the bridge two years back as well. During the interrogation of ATS-SOG, it was revealed that the accused had also sought information through RTI regarding the acquisition of land in the railway line.

Planning started as soon as the train started operating
The accused had gathered information about blast material, detonator and wiring etc. from Udaipur itself. The accused had planned to blow up the track from the very day PM Modi started operating the train. The accused told during interrogation that they had bought explosives from Dhol ki Pati area.

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