Big action in Kanpur violence: 4 gangsters including NSA, Haji Vasi and Mukhtar Baba on main accused Hayat

Kanpur2 hours ago

A major action has been taken against the accused in the case of violence after Friday prayers in Kanpur. NSA (National Security Act-1980) has been imposed against Hayat Zafar Hashmi, the main accused in the violence. On the other hand, Gangster Act has been imposed on other accused Haji Wasi, Aqeel Khichdi, Shafiq and Mukhtar Baba.

DM Visakh G Iyer said, “National Security Act (NSA) action has been taken on Hayat Zafar on Thursday. The bail application of Hayat Zafar was rejected by the sessions court. NSA action has been taken as soon as the bail petition is filed in the High Court. .

Police’s reasoning – if released from jail, unrest can spread
The police have given many important grounds for imposing NSA. In which it has been told that Hayat Zafar Hashmi carried out the big incident. This created a feeling of hatred in the communities. There is a fear among the people in the society about him. If he is released from jail, there may be unrest. There could be uproar. On this basis, NSA has been imposed against him.

Haji Wasi and Mukhtar Baba financed the violence: Police Commissioner
Police commissioner Vijay Singh Meena said, “Builder Haji Wasi and Mukhtar Baba had financed the violence in lakhs of rupees to the main accused and others. By staying behind the scenes in the violence, both had conspired to throw Kanpur into the fire of violence. Along with this, Safiq and history sheeter Aqeel were instrumental in the violence. Due to this, gangster action has been taken against these four accused.

It is alleged that Zafar Hashmi had done the work of instigating the riots.

It is alleged that Zafar Hashmi had done the work of instigating the riots.

After Friday prayers, the mob attacked Chandeshwar Hata
Violence took place in Kanpur on June 3, 2022 during the program of the President and the Prime Minister. After Friday prayers on the new road, the mob attacked Chandreshwar Hata. Around 12 people were injured in stone pelting, firing and attack.

So far, the police have sent 62 accused to jail in the case. In the investigation of the SIT (Special Investigation Team) probing the violence, it was revealed that Hayat Zafar Hashmi, president of MM Johar Fans Association, is the main conspirator of the violence. He had carried out violence under the guise of protest.

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