Bharat Jodo Yatra treated like farmer’s movement: The petrol pump where Rahul Gandhi stopped in Haryana, barricade closed the road

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Rinku Narwal, Karnal16 hours ago

Farmers movement has started treating those who helped Rahul Gandhi in Bharat Jodo Yatra in Haryana. The open cut at a petrol pump in Karnal was suddenly closed for customers to go. This is the same petrol pump in Karnal on National Highway-44, where Rahul Gandhi’s convoy had stayed overnight. The National Highway Authority (NHAI) closed the open road to the petrol pump by declaring it illegal.

Congress leader’s dhaba and petrol pump
This petrol pump belongs to Congress leader Joginder Chauhan. The Congressmen have termed it as an act of revenge by the BJP. Trilochan Singh, who contested from Karnal on a Congress ticket, said the BJP was nervous about Rahul Gandhi’s joint visit to India. That’s why now Congress leaders and workers are being harassed.

Company bid – 10 cuts have to be closed, why only this? no answer
Toll company official Bhanu told that in the meeting of road safety, it was asked to close 10 cuts of the highway. These are all illegal cuts, they have to be stopped. In this sequence, the cut in front of the petrol pump was closed. But they do not have the answer to the question that the cut that was closed in front of the pump has more than five cuts on both its front and back. So, is there a possibility of accident due to this cut itself? Bhanu becomes silent on this question.

Concrete barrier on the way to the petrol pump.

Concrete barrier on the way to the petrol pump.

at least give notice
Petrol pump owner Joginder Chauhan has alleged that no notice was given to him by the highway before placing the stone in front of the petrol pump. It is only learned that there is a government order to close the road. Now only the road in front of his petrol pump has been closed.

Congress workers protesting against the closure of the road in front of the petrol pump on the National Highway.

Congress workers protesting against the closure of the road in front of the petrol pump on the National Highway.

Golden Hut Dhaba was closed
Similar action was taken against the helpers during the agitation against the agricultural laws against the central government. Then the Golden Hut Dhaba in Kurukshetra became very popular. There, his way was closed after the farmers were given free accommodation and food was arranged.

Today the workers across the district protested
After getting the information of this matter, there is a lot of anger among the Congress workers across the district. In protest against this, hundreds of workers from across the district reached here today and protested against it. District convenor of Congress Trilochan Singh said that the government is trying to suppress the Congress workers. But he is not going to be suppressed.

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