Beware! This LastPass Clone App Might Have Stolen Your Login Information: All Details – News18

LastPass developers have warned users about its clone.

Called ‘LassPass,’ the app’s presence on the App Store was brought to light by LastPass on its blog. Here’s what we know so far.

Both Apple and Google make it difficult for developers to sneak apps that don’t meet their requirements, but sometimes bad actors can find loopholes to sneak past the eyes of app reviewers.

This is exactly what happened when a clone of the popular password managing app, LastPass, made its way to the Apple App Store.

Called ‘LassPass,’ the app’s presence on the App Store was brought to light by LastPass on its blog. The blog alert says that the said application copies LastPass’ design, UI, and branding. Plus, the company had even mentioned a link to the now-taken-down fraudulent app.

The app could have potentially asked users to submit user login information, passwords for various websites, and IDs. In turn, this information could have been used against users by the fraudulent developer.

Picture a scenario where a malicious actor gains access to your email, bank, and social media accounts—all made possible by an app requesting your usernames and passwords. The app might done the same, having login details, passwords for different websites, and identification information. Currently, it remains uncertain whether any users have fallen victim to exploitation.

“We are raising this to our customers’ attention to avoid potential confusion and/or loss of personal data. For clarification, below we have included the URL for the fraudulent app as well as the link to our legitimate app so that customers can verify they are downloading the correct LastPass application for themselves until the fraudulent app is taken down,” the blog reads.

LastPass also assured users that it was working to get the application taken down from the App Store, and as of now, Apple appears to have taken down the app.

In the future, if you encounter an app that closely mimics a well-known app you’re familiar with and appears suspicious, make sure to report it. This proactive step can lead to its removal, helping prevent potential harm and losses.