Bengaluru Commuter Faces 50-minute Wait Time For Uber, Says ‘City Is Messed up’

New Delhi: Online cab services have emerged as true lifesavers in today’s fast-paced world. With just a few taps on a smartphone, individuals can effortlessly summon a ride to their doorstep, eliminating the hassle of traditional taxi-hailing methods. However, in a recent incident a Bengaluru commuter encountered significant challenges while trying to book a cab online. 

Rajesh Sawhney, the commuter, posted a screenshot on X platform displaying a waiting time of 50 minutes for an Uber cab. In his post, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the lengthy wait stating “I haven’t come across any city more messed up than Bangalore. Also perhaps the most corrupt city in India; from auto drivers to Uber drivers, from politicians to babus. How would things change?”

The post garnered netizens attention, here are some of the the reactions:

One of the user wrote “Today itself Uber driver from Bangalore Airport refused to switch on the AC saying Uber Go doesn’t come with AC . When I insisted he switched on and at drop was demanding additional AC charges. Never faced this in any other city!”

“That is problem with the App allocating the driver , stop  blaming  the city or the residents ???” wrote the other one.

The third user commented, “How dare you call Bangalore the most messed and corrupt place in India. Delhi and UP people are deeply offended.”

“It’s about taxi , Uber! Hello why blame the city? If it’s so messed up , you should relocate sir , thank you” said the fourth user.

The fifth user wrote “Second you on corruption part. Baki can be managed. Traffic and infrastructure both worse but other metros are not significantly better either. Weather compensates for a lot of it.”