‘Being Host, Pakistan Should Have..’: Zaka Ashraf Hints PCB Will ‘Honour Commitment’ for Asia Cup Hybrid Model – News18

Zaka Ashraf said he will honour the ‘commitment’ for Asia Cup 2023 (Twitter Image)

The front-runner to become the next PCB chief, Zaka Ashraf said that he will honour the ‘commitment’ for Asia Cup 2023, after previously ‘rejecting’ the hybrid model

The drama surrounding Asia Cup 2023 refuses to end as likely Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Zaka Ashraf came out on Wednesday, expressing his disliking for the ‘hybrid model’, which once again arose doubts regarding Pakistan’s participation in the continental tournament.

However, Ashraf has clarified that he is due to ‘honour the commitment’ made by current PCB chief Najam Sethi and the Asia Cup 2023 will be indeed hosted in a hybrid model, however, one of the front-runners for the PCB’s top job admitted that Pakistan should have resisted to host the entire tournament on its soil.

Speaking during a media interaction on Wednesday, Ashraf said that he ‘rejected’ the hybrid model of Asia Cup 2023, however, during a chat with ESPNcricinfo, the likely PCB chief clarified that Pakistan will honour its commitment, now that the decision has been finalized by the Asian Cricket Council (ACC).

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“In my personal opinion, this whole hybrid model isn’t beneficial for Pakistan and I didn’t like it,” Ashraf was quoted as saying.

“Being a host, Pakistan should have negotiated better to make sure that the entire tournament should have played in Pakistan. Sri Lanka taking the bigger lot of games, leaving Pakistan with only four games, isn’t in the best interest of our country,” the 70-year-old added.

The former PCB chief who has been heavily mooted to get a second stint as the chairman of the Pakistan board said that he will honour the agreement for Asia Cup 2023 by the outgoing PCB chief Sethi.

“But I see the decision has been made, so we have to go with it. I will not block or have any intention not to comply with the decision,” said Ashraf.

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“I cannot do much about it but to honour the commitment. But going forward, every decision we make will be made for and in the interest of the country,” he added.

Earlier, the BCCI had expressed concerns about travelling to Pakistan after the Indian government denied the Indian players to go across the border, after which Sethi cited a hybrid model which would see Pakistan host four matches of the Asia Cup on home soil while Sri Lanka would host the remaining games.

The Asia Cup 2023 will begin from August 31 and will go on until September 17.