Beating the Retreat Ceremony in a while: 29 classical tunes will be played, the biggest drone show in the history of the country

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  • 29 Classical Tunes Will Be Played, Will Be The Biggest Drone Show In The History Of The Country

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Full dress rehearsal of Beating the Retreat ceremony took place at Vijay Chowk in New Delhi on Saturday.

The Republic Day programs will conclude with the Beating the Retreat Ceremony. On this special occasion, the three services will play 29 classical tunes in front of the President. On this occasion, there will be the biggest drone show in the history of the country. The show will feature 3,500 domestic drones.

Every year on January 29, the Beating the Retreat ceremony takes place at Vijay Chowk in the capital. The Beating Retreat Ceremony marks the return of the army. The bands of the three armies, playing traditional tunes, seek permission from the President to return to their barracks. Earlier on Saturday, full dress rehearsal took place at Vijay Chowk. For the first time, 3D anamorphic projection will also be organized at North Block and South Block.

Why is there beating the retreat? Beating the Retreat symbolizes the return of the army to the barracks. The President of India is the chief guest at this function. As soon as the President arrives, the National Anthem Jana-Gana-Mana starts by giving him the National Salute, the tricolor is hoisted. After this, the bands of the three services march together to the traditional tune. The bugle of retreat sounds after the band playing of all the three armies. After this the band master goes to the President and asks for permission to take the band back.

History more than 300 years old The tradition of Beating Retreat Ceremony dates back to the time of the kings and emperors. When the war was announced after sunset. As soon as the bugle was blown, the soldiers stopped fighting and retreated. This tradition is more than 300 years old. Apart from India, beating retreat ceremonies are held in many countries of the world including Britain, Canada, America. It started in India in the 1950s.

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