Bagbheda Green hold Bagbheda Blues to a draw, Anish Dwivedi man of the match – Rail Hunt

  • Reliving childhood memories after 25 years, players of Bagbeda Wireless Maidan try their hand at cricket

JAMSHEDPUR. In the exciting match held on Sunday at the Imperial Resort ground on Hata-Tata Marg, Bagbeda Green’s tight bowling and tight fielding snatched the definite victory from the hands of Bagbeda Blues and stopped the match on a draw. Bacha Babu, the opener present on the crutch, could not win the team even after hitting several sixes. After almost 25 years, reliving the childhood memories, the players of Bagbeda Wireless Maidan tried their hand at cricket and hit fours and sixes fiercely. Anish Dwivedi was declared the match of the match.

Players of both the teams ready for the match

Bagbeda Green won the toss and scored a total of 150 runs in 16 overs batting first under Notal’s captaincy. In this, Anish Dwivedi was not out for 63 runs by hitting eight fours and a six. Pappu 19, Ajay 22, Raman Jha, 05, Vinay 07 and Happy 21 remained not out with him. The team of Bagbeda Blues could draw the match by scoring 150 runs under the leadership of Vinod Pandey.

Anish Dwivedi receiving the man of the match award

Manoj Gupta 28, Anand Mishra 23, Pashupati Mishra scored 10 runs from Blues. In partnership with Abhimanyu Singh Lala, Bacha Babu hit a series of fours and sixes to win the team. He played a not out inning of 72 runs but the strict strategy of Notv and Ajay did not allow them to go beyond the stipulated 16 over draw of 150 runs. Rakesh Kumar Singh and Pappu Singh played an important role in mobilizing the players of 25 years ago.

Vinod Pandey taking the Captain’s Cup from Inspector Anand Kumar

The most interesting sight during the game was happening when the ball crossed the boundary. After hitting a four and a six, the ball was getting lost in the dense bushes, which was no less a matter of difficulty for the team members. Both the teams had a high number of players above the age of 50. In this, Lala had come from Bhubaneswar while Vinod Pandey had come from Ranchi to participate in the game. And Anish Dwivedi also came from Odisha to participate in the game.

Ajay Tiwari giving cup to Raman Jha, he made the game interesting

After a cordial match, the teams of Bagbeda Blues and Greens enjoyed a picnic cum picnic and had a lot of fun in the swimming pool. The responsibility of organizing the next event has been unanimously given to Anish Dwivedi. Railhunt congratulations to all the team members.

Anand Mishra felicitating Lal who came from Bhubaneswar to breathe life into a friendly match