At present, the Common Civil Code will not come: Law Minister said – Law Commission is examining it; Highest inflation in Pakistan in 47 years

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35 minutes agoAuthor: Shubhendu Pratap Bhoomandal, News Brief Editor

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At present, the Central Government has not taken any decision regarding the implementation of Uniform Civil Code i.e. Uniform Civil Code (UCC). Law Minister Kiren Rijiju has given this information in the Rajya Sabha. In fact, a question was asked in the Rajya Sabha whether the government has any plan to pass the UCC bill.

On this, Rijiju said that the government had entrusted the 21st Law Commission with the task of examining the questions raised regarding the Uniform Civil Code. The term of the 21st commission ended in 2018. The government had requested the 21st Law Commission to examine and make recommendations on various issues related to the UCC. Now after the investigation of the 22nd Law Commission, there will be a decision.

On the other hand, inflation in Pakistan has broken the record of the last 47 years. The inflation rate here is 27.6%, which is the highest since 1975. The inflation rate in 1975 was 27.77%. According to the data released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the inflation rate was 13% in January last year. That is, the inflation rate has more than doubled in just one year. Neighbors due to rising inflation

Today’s major events, which will be watched

  1. Hearing in Supreme Court regarding Delhi MCD elections.
  2. BJP President JP Nadda will launch the election campaign in Tripura.
  3. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will brief BJP MPs about the budget.

5 big news, which will keep you updated…

1. Law Minister told Rajya Sabha – At present the government has not taken a decision on the Common Civil Code

Law Minister Kiren Rijiju told in the Rajya Sabha that the Central Government has not taken any decision on the implementation of Uniform Civil Code (UCC). The matter related to UCC will be referred to the 22nd Law Commission. So no decision has been taken yet on its implementation. With the implementation of Uniform Civil Code, people of all communities will be given equal rights.

With the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code, the condition of the women of India will improve. The rights of women are limited in the personal law of some communities. In such a situation, if UCC is implemented then women will also get the benefit of taking equal rights. Uniform rules will apply in all matters relating to the rights of women on their father’s property and adoption
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2. Perfume IED found for the first time in Jammu and Kashmir, teacher-turned-terrorist carried out the blast
On January 21, there were two bomb blasts at an interval of 20 minutes in Narwal, Jammu and Kashmir. 9 people were injured in this. State DGP Dilbag Singh has claimed that perfume IED was used in the blast. This type of IED has been recovered for the first time. The terrorist involved in the blast has already been arrested. The DGP told that terrorist Arif is a teacher in a government school.

The DGP said that the perfume IED is just like a perfume bottle. If someone tries to press or open it, the IED will explode. This type of IED has been found for the first time, so we have become very cautious. Now our special team will handle this IED.
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3. Technical fault occurred in 546 flights in 2022, highest in IndiGo, SpiceJet and Vistara

The Civil Aviation Ministry gave information in the Lok Sabha regarding the technical fault in the flights during the domestic flight. According to this, in the year 2022, there was a technical fault in 546 flights. Most of the problems happened with the flight of Indigo Airlines. There were 256 malfunctions in Indigo flights. On the other hand, SpiceJet’s flight had to face technical glitches 143 times and Vistara’s 97 times.

The ministry informed that apart from these three airlines companies, Air India has been booked 64 times, GoFirst 7 times, Akasa Airlines 6 times, Air Asia (India) 8 times, Alliance Air 3 times, Flybig 1 time, Trujet and Bluedart Aviation had to face technical difficulties once in a while during the flight.
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4. RBI asked the banks – how much loan was given to Adani Group, due to the ruckus, the proceedings of the Parliament were stopped
There was a lot of uproar in both the Houses of the Parliament regarding Hindenburg’s report on Adani Group. The opposition demanded an inquiry into the financial transactions of the Adani Group by a parliamentary panel or a Supreme Court committee. Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha had to adjourn proceedings due to the uproar. On the other hand, RBI has asked all the banks to give information about the loans given to Adani Enterprises Limited (AEL).

Shares of Adani Group saw a decline of up to 10%. Late on Wednesday, the Adani Group had talked about canceling the fully subscribed FPO worth Rs 20,000 crore and returning the investors’ money. On Wednesday, Adani Enterprises shares fell 26.70% to close at 2179.75. This decline is believed to be the reason for the withdrawal of the FPO.
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5. Inflation in PAK broke the record of 47 years, inflation rate was 27.6% in January, will increase further after February 9

The current inflation rate in Pakistan is 27.6%, which is the highest since 1975. Due to non-availability of dollars with the banks, payment has stopped and about 6,000 supply containers are standing at Karachi port. On January 31, a team of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) reached Pakistan. It is negotiating the terms for the release of the next $6 billion loan tranche ($1.2 billion).

IMF has put very strict conditions. Not only this, he has also asked for political guarantee to fulfill all these conditions. IMF wants the Government of Pakistan to make electricity and fuel costlier by up to 60%. Tax collection has been asked to double. Therefore, it is considered certain that on February 9, when the talks between the IMF and the Shahbaz government will end and if the government accepts these conditions, then inflation will almost double.
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  1. Ramdev said – read Namaz, do whatever comes to your mind: whether you pick up Hindu girls; This is what Muslims are taught (Read full news)
  2. PIL in Bombay HC against Vice President-Law Minister: Lawyers Association said- both do not trust the constitution, disqualify them (Read full news)
  3. AAP used liquor scam money in Goa elections: ED claims in chargesheet, Kejriwal says allegation completely fictitious (Read full news)
  4. Former CM’s daughter showed shoes to Telangana CM: Said- wear these and come with me on a padayatra, so that people’s problems can be known (Read full news)
  5. Queen Elizabeth’s picture will be removed from Australia’s banknote: 100-year-old tradition will be broken, Britain will give place to its leader instead of King Charles (Read full news)

News but aside…

Youth was committing LIVE suicide, Facebook alert saved, police reached in 13 minutes from mobile location

An alert saved the life of a young man in UP’s Ghaziabad. Here a young man named Abhay Shukla was preparing to commit suicide on Instagram Live. As soon as his video appeared at Meta Headquarters, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram in California, the team sent an alert to the UP police. Police saved the youth by tracking the mobile location.

The special thing in the whole case is that it took only 13 minutes from the time the alert was sent to the arrival of the police. The police returned only after counseling for about 6 hours and after reaching the family. The Uttar Pradesh Police had tied up with Meta Company in March last year to alert the police immediately if a post related to suicide of a person is seen on Facebook or Instagram. Read full news…

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