Assam CM said – BJP does not want Muslims to do multiple marriages: We are ready to have 25 children, but Ajmal will bear the expenses

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Morigaon40 minutes ago

Himanta Biswa Sarma had earlier said- ‘I will tell Muslim sisters not to listen to Badruddin. Don’t have more than two children.”

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Thursday said that his government wants children of migrant Muslims to become doctors and engineers instead of becoming junabs, imams after studying in madrassas. If Assamese Hindu families have doctors, then Muslim families should also have doctors. Many MLAs do not give such advice because they want the votes of ‘Pomuwa’ Muslims. Sarma was speaking at a public meeting in Morigaon.

He said, “Our policy is clear, we want development of all. We do not want that the children of Muslims, especially ‘Pomuwa’, go to study in Muslim madrassas and emerge from there as ‘Junab’ and ‘Imam’. Bengali-speaking Muslims from East Bengal or Bangladesh are called ‘Pomuwa Muslims’ in Assam.

BJP does not want Muslim youth to do multiple marriages.
Biswa also criticized the statement of Lok Sabha MP Badruddin Ajmal, in which he advised Hindus to marry at an early age and have children. Biswa said, “A man living in India does not have the right to marry three-four women until he divorces the first wife. If Muslim girls are asked to wear hijab, why don’t boys also do the same?

Then only Ajmal will bear the expenses of the children.
On Ajmal’s controversial statement on women, the Chief Minister said- In Assam, we have some leaders like Badruddin Ajmal. They say that women should give birth to children as soon as possible because they are like a fertile field.

  • The delivery of a woman cannot be compared to a farm. I have repeatedly said that women can give birth to 20-25 children, but their food, clothes, education and all other expenses will have to be borne by Ajmal. Then, we have no problem.
  • Even after becoming a Lok Sabha MP from a perfume businessman, he cannot pay the expenses of the children, so no one has the right to lecture on the birth of a child. We will only produce as many children as we can feed and make them better human beings.

Now read what Badruddin Ajmal had said
Dhubri MP Ajmal had responded to the chief minister’s remarks on ‘love jihad’ in an interview on 2 December. Ajmal had said, “After the age of 40, they get married under parental pressure. So, how can one expect that they will have children after 40? Only if you sow in fertile soil can you produce a good harvest. Only then there will be development.

They (Hindus) should also follow the formula of Muslims and get their children married at the age of 20-22. Marry girls in 18-20 years and then see how many children are born…”

However, seeing the controversy escalate, the MP apologized the next day. He said that his words have been distorted. He did not target any community. Read Ajmal’s full statement…

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