Asia Cup 2022, Bangladesh vs Afghanistan Live Score Updates: Ibrahim Zadran, Najibullah Zadran Help Afghanistan Beat Bangladesh; Qualify For Super-4 Stage | Cricket News

BAN vs AFG, 3rd Match, Live Score: Mohammad Saifuddin dismissed Mohammad Nabi© AFP

Bangladesh vs Afghanistan Live Score Updates: Ibrahim Zadran and Najibullah Zadran have kept Afghanistan alive in the 128-run chase against Bangladesh. Earlier, Mujeeb Ur Rahman and Rashid Khan claimed three wickets each as Afghanistan restricted Bangladesh to 127/7. Mujeeb Ur Rahman set the tone for Afghanistan by striking thrice before Rashid Khan capitalized on it to put Bangladesh in further trouble. Earlier, Bangladesh skipper Shakib Al Hasan won the toss and opted to bat first against Afghanistan in their 2022 Asia Cup campaign opener at Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Sharjah on Tuesday. Buoyed by their dominating win over Sri Lanka in opening match, Afghanistan are facing Bangladesh today. While it is the second match for the Afghanistan team in the ongoing Asia Cup, the game is the campaign opener for the Bangladesh cricket team that is being led by Shakib Al Hasan. Earlier, Afghanistan had handed a shock defeated to Sri Lanka in the tournament’s opening game, while in the second game, India edged past Pakistan by 5 wickets in a last-over thriller. (LIVE SCORECARD)

Here are the LIVE Updates of the T20 Between Bangladesh and Afghanistan, Straight from Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Sharjah

  • 22:40 (ACTUAL)


    A more or less short-arm jab from Najibullah for a six and that seals the game for Afghanistan. They win it by 7 wickets. What a team Afghanistan have become! They shocked Sri Lanka days before and now Bangladesh are the latest victim of their brilliance.

    AFG 131/3 (18.3)

  • 22:36 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: Another SIX!

    Take it in the crowd. Najibullah has hit another six. Afghanistan need just 4 more off the remaining 12 balls.

    AFG 124/3 (18)

  • 22:35 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: SIX!

    OMG! What these two Zadrans are doing at the crease is simply exceptional! If was a bouncer from Mohammad Saifuddin and Ibrahim somehow pulled it for a powerful six over fine leg.

    AFG 118/3 (17.5)

  • 22:34 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: FOUR!

    Najibullah Zadran gets a boundary this time. Afghanistan are all over Bangladesh with a sudden shift in momentum.

    AFG 111/3 (17.3)

  • 22:32 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: FOUR!

    Oh! What a flick this is from Ibrahim Zadran for a four towards cow corner. Afghanistan need 22 more in 17. It seems their game to lose from here. Amazing comeback this is from Afghanistan!

    AFG 102/3 (17)

  • 22:29 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: SIX!

    Another six from Najibullah Zadran. This is superb batting from the southpaw. He hits it over long-off this time and Afghanistan need 28 more in 20 balls.

    AFG 100/3 (16.4)

  • 22:27 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: SIX!

    This is the second six from Najibullah Zadran in this innings and it is coming at the right time. It was a short ball from Mustafizur Rahman and Najibullah was waiting for it on the backfoot. He pulled it beautifully for a six on the leg side.

    AFG 93/3 (16.2)

  • 22:23 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: SIX!

    Najibullah Zadran clears the boundary ropes with a 75-metre six and Afghanistan need 43 more in 25 balls. This match is going down to the wire.

    AFG 85/3 (15.5)

  • 22:20 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: Back-to-back FOURS!

    Another boundary from Ibrahim Zadran’s bat and Afghanistan are now going well in this chase.

    AFG 75/3 (14.5)

  • 22:19 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: FOUR!

    Ibrahim Zadran continues to fight. He hits a four to keep Afghanistan alive in the chase.

    AFG 71/3 (14.4)

  • 22:07 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: FOUR!

    Mohammad Nabi scores a boundary towards fine leg and that will give Afghanistan some sigh of relief as the increasing required run rate is creating pressure on them.

    AFG 54/2 (11)

  • 21:56 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: Wicket!

    Mosaddek Hossain has got the wicket of Hazratullah Zazai. The batter has been dismissed LBW. This chase is getting tough for Afghanistan.

    AFG 45/2 (9.2)

  • 21:53 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: FOUR!

    That’s a good shot from Zazai towards cover for a four. It was not that bad a ball from Mustafizur Rahman but Zazai’s power and placement helped Afghanistan fetch a boundary.

    AFG 44/1 (8.5)

  • 21:46 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: FOUR!

    Width on offer from Taskin Ahmed and Ibrahim Zadran slashed it for a four past the deep backward point.

    AFG 35/1 (6.5)

  • 21:39 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: Wicket!

    Afghanistan lose their first wicket. Shakib Al Hasan has dismissed Rahmanullah Gurbaz. The batter danced down the track but the ball kept really low to see him miss it and Mushfiqur Rahim behind the stumps did the rest.

    AFG 15/1 (4.1)

  • 21:31 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: Catch dropped!

    Shakib Al Hasan had trapped Rahmanullah Gurbaz but the long-on fielder failed to hold onto the catch.

    AFG 8/0 (2.2)

  • 21:27 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: FOUR!

    In the slot from Mustafizur Rahman and Rahmanullah Gurbaz hits it straight down the ground for a four.

    AFG 6/0 (1.2)

  • 21:26 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: Afghanistan start 128-run chase!

    Hazratullah Zazai and Rahmanullah Gurbaz have start the 128-run chase for Afghanistan.

    AFG 2/0 (1)

  • 21:13 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: Bangladesh post 127/7

    Bangladesh have got something on the board to fight, thanks to Mosaddek Hossain’s 48 not off 31 balls.

    BAN 127/7 (20)

  • 21:11 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: Wicket!

    Mahedi Hasan is run out. Bangladesh are seven down with one ball to go.

    BAN 127/7 (19.5)

  • 21:10 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: FOUR!

    Mahedi Hasan is playing a useful cameo here for Bangladesh. This time he plays a reverse-scoop for a four.

    BAN 127/6 (19.4)

  • 21:07 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: FOUR!

    A scoop shot from Mahedi Hasan for a four and that takes Bangladesh to 120 runs with last 6 balls coming.

    BAN 120/6 (19)

  • 21:02 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: FOUR!

    Mosaddek Hossain continues to fight for Bangladesh. He hits a four to Naveen-ul-Haq.

    BAN 110/6 (17.4)

  • 20:55 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: 100 Up for Bangladesh

    Mosaddek Hossain played the lower full toss from Farooqi well in the gap towards backward point to get a boundary and with it, Bangladesh reach 100 runs.

    BAN 100/6 (16.2)

  • 20:52 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: Mahmudullah is out!

    It’s a big wicket for Rashid Khan and Afghanistan. Mahmudullah departs on 25 runs. He tried to take on Rashid and paid the price by losing his wicket after mishitting the ball directly into the hands of the fielder at backward square leg.

    BAN 89/6 (15.4)

  • 20:43 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: FOUR!

    A brave shot from Mosaddek Hossain and he will get four runs for it. The right-handed batter shuffled across the stumps and played a leg glance from the front foot on Naveen-ul-Haq’s fuller delivery as the fine leg was inside the circle.

    BAN 83/5 (14.1)

  • 20:33 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: SIX!

    That’s a lucky escape for Mosaddek Hossain. He mishit a Mohammad Nabi delivery towards long-off where the fielder touched the boundary ropes after taking the catch to eventually see Bangladesh getting six runs.

    BAN 64/5 (11.4)

  • 20:27 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: Wicket!

    This is sensational stuff from Afghanistan. They have reduced Bangladesh to five down. Rashid dismissed Afif Hossain LBW. Afif was not happy with the umpire’s decision of out, hence he took a review only to waste it.

    BAN 53/5 (10.3)

  • 20:18 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: FOUR!

    A boundary comes for Bangladesh after a long-long time. Mohammad Nabi bowled it on the pads of Mahmudullah and the batter played it fine for a four.

    BAN 49/4 (9.5)

  • 20:15 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: Afghanistan in control

    Bangladesh’s current scoring rate is 4.67. The Afghanistan bowlers, especially Mujeeb Ur Rahman, have done a good job so far.

    BAN 42/4 (9)

  • 20:02 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: Wicket!

    Another one bites the dust! Rashid Khan has dismissed Mushfiqur Rahim and Afghanistan are all over Bangladesh. It was another superb LBW review from the side that helps them reduce Bangladesh to four down.

    BAN 28/4 (6.2)

  • 19:58 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: Wicket! Shakib departs

    Shakib Al Hasan is gone! Bangladesh batters are not learning and it is the third wicket for Mujeeb in the innings. The ball once again kept low and Shakib missed his drive by a fair distance.

    BAN 24/3 (5.2)

  • 19:52 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: FOUR!

    Another boundary from Shakib. This is a good counter-attack from the Bangladesh skipper.

    BAN 21/2 (4.3)

  • 19:51 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: FOUR!

    Poor ball from Naveen-ul-Haq down the leg side to Shakib and the southpaw hits it for a boundary with ease.

    BAN 17/2 (4.2)

  • 19:50 (IST)

    BAN vs AFG: Wicket!

    Mujeeb strikes again! That’s a brilliant review from Afghanistan. Mujeeb caught Anamul Haque in front of the stumps but umpire was unconvinced over the LBW appeal. Afghanistan  decided to go upstairs and ball tracking showed that it would have hit the leg stump. Anamul walks back on 5 off 14 balls.

    BAN 13/2 (4)

  • 19:39 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: Wicket!

    Mujeeb Ur Rahman has struck in his first over itself. Mohammad Naim has been cleaned up by him on latter’s individual score of 6 runs. Bangladesh lost their first wicket.

    BAN 7/1 (2)

  • 19:34 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: FOUR!

    Farooqi bowled a full toss to Naim and the southpaw just needed to pass the mid-on fielder for a boundary and he did that with ease.

    BAN 4/0 (0.3)

  • 19:32 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: Dot ball

    It was overpitched from Farooqi and Naim drove it to mid-off. No runs came off the first ball.

    BAN 0/0 (0.1)

  • 19:31 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: Get set, go!

    Mohammad Naim takes the strike, Anamul Haque is at the other end. Fazalhaq Farooqi has the new ball in hand. Here we go!

  • 19:28 (ACTUAL)

    BAN vs AFG: It’s game time

    The national anthems are over and we are just minutes away from the start.

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