Article Ideas – How to Overcome Article Writing Block

Writing articles is not that different to any other writing genre when it comes to writer’s block. In fact, for article writers it may be worse because the success of the job itself depends upon quantity as much as quality. There are a few ways to overcome writer’s block that are specific to article writing.

The first part of article writing is the actual idea for the article itself. Normally, ideas come easily to successful article writers. If your block is at this starting point, it is best to look elsewhere. In other words, read other articles, books and blogs. Surf the internet, listen to the radio and watch television. Do anything except sit at your desk thinking of article ideas. Just expose yourself to an abundance of ideas from an abundance of sources and something will eventually stand out and stick in your mind.

If you have a block when it comes to the next two steps; creating a title and developing an outline, the exercise of brainstorming can be a big help. If you tackle both of these steps together, the brainstorming will move you along quickly. First, after getting your idea in the first step, think of relevant titles. Titles are the most important aspect of articles. Without an interesting title to capture the attention of readers, the rest of your hard work is meaningless. Therefore, take the time to brainstorm for the most effective title. Once again you can find title ideas from outside sources such as newspapers, magazines, relevant blogs and even a competitor’s websites.

Looking at what people are talking and writing about can be very inspirational to you as a writer. Read what questions are consistently being asked.

Once you have a title, now you must brainstorm again for supporting ideas. These supporting ideas will act as your outline. Since the most affective articles are relatively short, between 400 – 500 words, you will only need about 3 or 4 supporting points. Each supporting point or topic will be a separate paragraph and will make it easier for the reader to comprehend what you are writing.

After you have come up with an idea and then created both a title and supporting topics, the article should write itself. The outline will work as a roadmap to aid in your article’s organization and writing speed which will once and for all eliminate your writer’s block.

Source by Janet B Cole