Arrested for misbehaving with crew in SpiceJet flight: Case filed against Absar Alam on the complaint of security officer

New Delhi4 minutes ago

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Alam has been booked under IPC section 354A.

A dispute broke out between a passenger and the crew at the time of boarding a SpiceJet flight from Delhi to Hyderabad. The matter was of Monday. Now Delhi Police has arrested this person named Absar Alam. Alam is accused of misbehaving and molesting a female crew member in flight.

SpiceJet security officer Sushant Srivastava made a PCR call after being offloaded from the flight. After this, the police arrested Absar Alam, who lives in Jamia Nagar, Delhi. Alam was going to Hyderabad with his family.

incident during boarding
According to reports, a passenger misbehaved with an air hostess while boarding an airline flight from Delhi to Hyderabad. When the passenger was stopped, he abused the entire cabin crew. Due to this, boarding in the aircraft was stopped. As the matter escalated, the cabin crew informed the pilot and the security staff.

Thereafter, the accused and his fellow passenger were de-boarded from the aircraft. Both were handed over to airport security.

Other passengers of the flight were seen trying to pacify the matter.

Other passengers of the flight were seen trying to pacify the matter.

Accused said – talk in Hindi
It can be seen in the video that an elderly man is talking to an airhostess in a loud voice. The airhostess is trying to explain something to him, on which this person angrily says that talk in Hindi. Meanwhile, a passenger comes and tries to end the matter, but the dispute does not get resolved.

The airhostess says that this person made her (another airhostess) cry. She says that no one is bothered if a girl cries, but everyone gets upset when a boy cries. The second airhostess comes and asks the first airhostess to calm down and takes her away.

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