Archana Gautam Misleads Sajid Khan’s Comment Calling Gori Nagori ‘Dancer’, Bigg Boss Warns Her

Last Updated: November 10, 2022, 4:51 PM IST

Archana Gautam and Sajid Khan got into a heated argument

When Bigg Boss asked Archana Gautam about her notion over Sajid Khan’s remark about Gori Nagori, (You are a dancer of Rajasthan), she said that it was disrespectful.

Bigg Boss 16 has kept the viewers hooked with interesting plots with every passing episode. In the recent episode, Sajid Khan called Gori Nagori a ‘dancer’, after which Archana Gautam accused him of disrespecting her art and saying it in a disparaging manner. Post which Bigg Boss summoned her to the confession room and reproved her for misunderstanding the context of Sajid’s remark. Archana also got into an ugly argument with Sajid Khan and Shiv Thakare over the same issue.

When Bigg Boss asked Archana about her notion over Sajid’s remark about Gori (You are a dancer of Rajasthan), Archana said that “it was disrespectful”. Archana believed that it was said in a “derogatory” manner. She further mentioned that everyone should be respectful of every art instead of disrespecting it. After hearing her out, Bigg Boss schooled Archana and told her that she is not aware of the entire matter. Bigg Boss told her that she should not misconstrue a single word. He cautioned her not to bring up caste, profession, religion, or other such topics again.

To break the ice, Sajid explained himself saying that he was not trying to disparage any art form. All he meant to say was that even he has seen a lot in his life. “Main 15 saal ki umra mein Rs 300 mein stage performances karta tha,” he added.

Gori, who also got in a fight with Sajid during the episode told Archana that dancing is her source of bread and butter. Moreover, she is proud to be a dancer. Archana told her to take a stand for herself.

Besides this, Archana further got into a heated argument with Tina Datta. The contenders got an opportunity to analyze Abdu Rozik’s captaincy and either support it or oppose it.

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