Apple Working To Make AI Chips For Data Centres: Report

Apple is in the process of developing its own artificial intelligence (AI) chipsets tailored for running software in data centres, the media has reported. If accurate, this marks a significant departure from the Cupertino-based company’s earlier strategy, which emphasised on-device AI features exclusively for its devices. However, the emergence of AI chips suggests that Apple might be contemplating server-based AI functionalities as well. Some of these capabilities could potentially be revealed at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024, slated to commence on June 10.

Project ACDC (Apple Chips in Data Center), which has been in development for several years, lacks a definitive timeline, as reported by The Wall Street Journal, citing individuals familiar with the matter.

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According to the WSJ report, Apple has been dedicated to its server project, internally dubbed Project ACDC, for numerous years. Sources familiar with the matter, who chose to remain anonymous, disclosed that the tech giant is now gearing up to introduce specialised chipsets for these data centers, enabling them to perform AI computing tasks.

The Cupertino-tech giant is collaborating with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) to conceptualise and manufacture these AI chips.

However, it remains uncertain if the produced processors have yielded conclusive outcomes. These chips are purportedly designated solely for inference purposes, meaning they execute AI models rather than training large language models (LLMs). Notably, TSMC also serves as a key chip-making partner for Apple, responsible for manufacturing most of the silicon utilised in the company’s devices.

If substantiated, these assertions could signify a significant alteration in Apple’s AI strategy. Previously, numerous reports suggested that the company was solely focused on implementing on-device AI features capable of complete local processing.

This strategy was exemplified when Apple introduced the new iPad Pro 2024 featuring the new M4 chip, equipped with a novel Neural Processing Unit (NPU) dedicated to handling AI tasks.