Apple To Allow iPhone Users To Remove Security Patches In iOS 16

Last Updated: September 13, 2022, 10:00 AM IST

With iOS 16, Apple is bringing several new features like customizable lock screen, ability to delete and edit iMessages, and more. (Image: Apple)

Apple iOS 16 started rolling out on September 12 for all iPhone users who are on iPhone 8 or newer.

The newly launched iOS 16 has a feature that will allow iPhone users to deploy security patches without a full iOS update, and they can also choose to roll back the security updates.

A feature called the Rapid Security Response system in iOS 16 can install security patches without fully updating your iPhone, or even without having to restart it, in some cases. By default, Rapid Security Responses are installed automatically, but Apple has also implemented a way to remove them.

According to a support document, the user can remove a Rapid Security Response update by going to Settings > General and About, then tapping tapping Remove Security Update. According to Apple, the users can reinstall the Rapid Security Response at a later date, or wait for it to be installed permanently as part of a standard software update.

“It is not clear why a Rapid Security Response would need to be removed, but it’s nice that users will have the option,” said the report. However, security experts suggest not to turn the feature off unless users have a sold reason to as cyber attacks are growing. The Rapid Security Response system is also reportedly coming to Mac computers with macOS Ventura.

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