Apple Rolling Out iOS 16.0.2 Update To Fix Camera Rattling Issue Affecting iPhone 14 Pro, iPhon

Apple is rolling out the iOS 16.0.2 update and this update brings the much-awaited camera rattling issue with buzzing noise that cropped up as part of the launch earlier last week. The iOS 16.0.2 update is bringing a fix for the vibration issue that was causing the camera to vibrate and rattle inside third-party apps like TikTok and Snapchat.

How to download and install iOS 16.0.2 update

Apple is rolling out the iOS 16.0.2 update that should be available for eligible iPhone models as an over-the-air update. Also, it can be downloaded by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

According to Apple’s release notes, the iOS 16.0.2 update brings a fix for a number of bugs for the newly launched iPhone 14 models and the iPhone models running on iOS 16. The iOS 16.0.2 update brings bug fixes and important security updates for the iPhone including the following:

– Camera may vibrate and cause blurry photos when shooting with some third-party apps on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max
– Display may appear completely black during device setup
– Copy and paste between apps may cause a permission prompt to appear more than expected
– VoiceOver may be unavailable after rebooting
– Addresses an issue where touch input was unresponsive on some iPhone X, iPhone XR, and iPhone 11 displays after being serviced

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Apple acknowledged the camera issue that was affecting several iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max model users with camera shake or camera rattling issue. The tech giant has said that it would be rolling out a software update next week to fix the camera issue that is causing the iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro models where using the camera is leading to a shaking image while using third-party apps like Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok and grinding noises are coming from the camera bump.

Several early buyers of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models started to report the camera rattling issues over the weekend, but it was not clear whether the issue was with third-party such as Snapchat and TikTok or with the new iOS 16 itself. It should be noted that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models are reported to be functioning just fine while using Apple’s own app.