Apple MacBook Air Could Feature A Pro-Like Screen Size In 2023: Here’s Why

Apple is ready to unleash a bigger MacBook Air version next year. The update comes via Ross Young, Analyst at Display Chain Consultants, who mentions that the production of a 15-inch panel for the upcoming MacBook Air will start from the first quarter of 2023. He also points out that the new MacBook Air will carry a 15.5-inch display, the biggest-ever on the MacBook Air version from the company.

Reports suggest Apple will continue to sell the 13-inch model, and just like the MacBook Pros, buyers will now have the option between a 13-inch and a 15.5-inch display size on the Air as well. Apple could unveil the new MacBook Air at the WWDC 2023 conference or in the second quarter of next year.

Expect the new MacBook Air to carry a hefty price tag, something that we have already seen with the newly-designed MacBook Air which now has a notch display and is powered by the new M2 chipset from Apple. Getting a bigger screen on the Air feels like Apple’s recent tryst with an increased focus on having more products in each category.

Earlier this year, Apple replaced the iPhone Mini with an iPhone 14 Plus. Similarly, the regular iPad now got Air-like changes with a Liquid Retina display and a 5G chipset but also a steeper price jump. Having the Air move to a 15.5-inch display sounds like Tim Cook and Co. want to continue with their mission of having more options for buyers.

MacBook Airs have generally been preferred by regular users, and the whole appeal of Air was associated with its lightweight design and a smaller screen. We are not sure that a 15.5-inch variant of the Air can offer these features, and might only work for those who wanted a bigger MacBook Air screen.

Either way, if Apple has decided to change its tact with the MacBook Air, then it won’t be too far before we see it in the market, after which we will be able to give a better judgement of this product.

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