Apple Could Keep This Trend Going With Next Year’s iPhone 16 Pro – News18

Apple iPhone 16 Pro is expected in September next year.

iPhone 16 Pro might receive a larger battery than the iPhone 15 Pro, although the upgrade may not be as big as one would hope. Here’s what we know.

It is quite early to be talking about the iPhone 16 series, considering the iPhone 15 models just launched a couple of months ago in September, but leaks about the next mainline Apple flagship device—the iPhone 16 Pro—are already starting to float in.

The latest information comes in the form of the battery cell that may be included with the iPhone 16 Pro. As posted by leaker @KosutamiSan on X, Apple could be planning on including a larger capacity cell in the iPhone 16 Pro compared to the outgoing iPhone 15 Pro. The leaked images show a J-shaped 3355 mAh battery, which is slightly larger than the iPhone 15 Pro’s 3,274 mAh battery unit.

The leaker further notes that the battery unit has a limited charge voltage of 4.48V, but they mention that Apple has already made some changes to the prototype, and it may come with a redesigned connector. Therefore, at this point in time, it can’t be ascertained if these changes would make it to the final product as Apple will likely go through multiple model revisions before the final production version is finalised. 

It should be noted that, over the last few iPhone generations, Apple has made incremental changes to the battery capacity. The iPhone 14 Pro had a 3200mAh battery, and the current flagship—iPhone 15 Pro, only saw a 74mAh increase. Looking further back, the iPhone 13 Pro had a 3095mAh unit. As such, it is clear that Apple has not been increasing iPhone battery capacities, particularly for the standard Pro and vanilla models. And this seems to be the case moving forward if KosutamiSan’s information does hold up.

In related news, Apple could be reportedly planning to retain 60Hz displays for the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus in 2023. This could mean that high-refresh-rate displays will not be a feature of Apple’s non-Pro iPhones for the foreseeable future.