Ankit’s generosity of Haryana: Pakistani girl trapped in Ukraine rescued by walking 25 km amid bombing, herself trapped on the border

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Ankit, who saved Pakistani girl Maria in the bombing, told that they are still trapped on the Romania border.

Pakistani officers are also praising Haryana’s Ankit in the Ukraine-Russia war. Actually, during the Russian attack, Ankit saved the life of a Pakistani girl and took her to the Romania border. Ankit is a Ukrainian language student at the Polytechnic Institute there.

Talking to Ritu Lamba of Dainik Bhaskar, Ankit told that on February 25, at 2:30 pm, the blast took place three kilometers away from the institute. After that about 80 students were sent to the bunker. I was the only Indian among them. There was a Pakistani girl Maria who was very scared. After there were constant blasts around, I decided to leave.

reached the station on foot in the bombing
He told that when Maria came to know about my exit, she also requested to go along. There was a conversation with his family over the phone and on February 28, we both set out on foot for Kyiv’s Bugjala railway station. Hadn’t eaten anything since two days. She was unable to walk. I took his belongings and reached the station by walking 5 km to avoid firing. There was a lot of crowd there. Three trains missed.

Ankit told that three trains were missed at the station.  At the same time, shortly after boarding the train, there was a tremendous explosion.

Ankit told that three trains were missed at the station. At the same time, shortly after boarding the train, there was a tremendous explosion.

When the bullet came out from the top of the head
Ankit told that on the same day at 6 o’clock in the evening he somehow got into the train. After an hour’s journey, there was a huge blast on the side of the track. Firing started. A bullet went through the window over our heads. Everyone in the train lay down holding their breath. Finally reached Ternopil station on March 1. There Maria got in touch with the officials of the Pakistani embassy. The authorities put us in the hostel of Ternopil Medical University. Arranged coffee, bread, soup for us.

Children more important than mutual hatred: Pak official
The Pakistani Embassy praised Ankit and wrote that an Indian boy Ankit brought our daughter to us and our child survived. Son! Thank you very much It is time for the people of both the countries not to pull each other’s legs, but to show love and support. Our children are more important than our hatred.

I am stuck at Romania border for 24 hours, not getting reply from embassy
Ankit told that both of us were sent by the Pakistan Embassy by bus from Ternopil to Romania border at their own expense. The bus driver dropped us 15-20 kms in advance. From there we had to go to the border on foot. There were thousands of people when they reached the border. Till now we have not got entry in Romania camp. I have been contacting the Indian Embassy since Wednesday but there is no response. The temperature is minus. I have fever and my body is hurting badly. No medical help has been received yet. Local people are helping the students.

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