Angry with every third Congress MLA ministers: Said – Ministers are in pride, officers are uncontrollable; CM alone is carrying the state

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JaipurOne hour agoAuthor: Govardhan Choudhary

Every third MLA of the ruling Congress is angry with the behavior and bureaucracy of the ministers. Earlier this week, Minister Rajendra Gudha, the most trusted colleague during the political crisis, surprised everyone by threatening to take a different path if the promises were not fulfilled. Most of the BSP-origin MLAs are angry for a long time due to not getting the desired post. Now seeing the election year, even the legislators deprived of political benefits are expressing their displeasure.

What is the reason for the displeasure of MLAs-Ministers on the open platform before the election year? To know the answers to such questions, Dainik Bhaskar spoke to more than 10 angry ministers and MLAs one by one. In this, he also talked to the legislators considered to be of the Pilot faction. Along with this, Gehlot also asked the two advisors of the government and the state Congress president for the growing displeasure.

It came to the fore that the most displeasure among the legislators is with the ministers. More than 50% of the MLAs are angry with the attitude of the bureaucracy. In the forefront of those who expressed their displeasure are all 6 MLAs who came from BSP origin. At number two are the MLAs of the Pilot faction.

This time in the Sunday story, read the biggest investigation on the displeasure of the MLAs and the political loss due to it…..

If the damage control was done, the tone of the legislators started changing.

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