Android Loses Small Ground To iOS But Still Has A Massive Lead In The Smartphone Market

Apple’s iOS ecosystem is finally growing its share in the market, but the bad news is that its overall presence still can’t deny that Android is the undisputed leader. iPhone users have grown in the past four years, mostly thanks to Apple’s strategy of launching four models every year during this period.

A new report says that market share of Android is now 69.74 per cent, which means a drop of over 8 per cent compared to its last reported share of 77.32 per cent in 2018. When it comes to iOS, the same report says Apple has seen its market share of iPhones running on the platform go up from 19.4 per cent to 25.49 per cent.

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So, even though iOS share has gone up, you can still see a yawning gap between both the mobile platforms. Apple is likely to see this growth as a positive sign, but it’s unlikely that the Cupertino-based giant will ever match up to the leadership position of Android in the market. And there are many reasons to vouch for such a forecast.

Android is open-source in nature, allowing manufacturers to tweak and add their own layers to the software before integrating to the device. Apple has always kept a tight leash on how iOS operates, which has allowed the company to roll out new iOS versions to older devices without any constraints.

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Google has tried following this model with its Android One program, and then the Pixel lineup. But the overall distribution and fragmentation of Android means it can never have full control like Apple. And market reports like these affirm the belief that Android will always be the overall leader, but Google will barely have a strong role to play in its success, except for making it open-source in the market for everyone to use and distribute.

The other main reason for 69 percent of the smartphones running Android is that you can get a smartphone with this platform priced between $150 and $1,000 in the market. iPhones have generally been priced on the higher side, making it aspirational and out of reach of many consumers in many countries.

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So, all these factors tilt the market and future projections in favour of Google and Android for years to come.

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