Android Is Finally Making It Easy To Transfer eSIMs To Any Other Phone: How It Works – News18

Last Updated: January 29, 2024, 16:04 IST

United States of America (USA)

Android phones now have an easier way of moving eSIMs between two devices

Android phones support eSIM networks but the process to transfer them is a challenge but that could change soon.

Apple already caters to some markets with its eSIM-only iPhones and soon we could see Google following in the same path. Reports coming in this week suggest Android is finally making it easy to transfer eSIM profiles to another device, which finally makes it a viable option for millions of Android users.

The details of this feature comes via Mishaal Rahman, in this report, where he spotted the new option while using the new Galaxy S24 Ultra from Samsung with the new One UI update. The tipster was given the option to transfer the eSIM from one Android to another and both were from different brands which is a definite upgrade on the previous support.

The eSIM transfer was possible by scanning a QR code that worked across a host of Android phones. Samsung has offered the eSIM transfer option for Galaxy devices with the One UI 5.1 version but it seems the latest version lets you transfer from a Samsung phone to a non-Samsung phone.

The fact that Samsung has managed to open eSIM transfer to other Android 14 phones suggests Google is close to making the feature compatible with all the phones running on Android 14 version. Having said that, the tipster noticed that the eSIM transfer support is only available if you are on a particular network in the US.

Apple sells its iPhone models in the eSIM-only variant in the US, and with the new compatibility, many people can make the switch from iPhone to Android or vice versa, if they want to continue using their phones with eSIM profiles only.

eSIM is available as a secondary network option on most premium phones like the Pixel 8 series and the iPhone 15 models these days, and making the transfer option easier will bring more Android users in India to ditch the physical SIM networks.