Ancient idol of Mother Bhagwati found in Narmada: Near Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh 14 years ago found submerged temple-cave, idols of Pandava period

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Temple and cave submerged 200 meters away from Sailani Island Bhaskar have discovered. The Samadhi of Grandfather Dhuniwale’s grandfather, Guru Kamal Bhartiji, is still there in the Sailani village (Bhagwanpura) in the catchment area of ​​Omkareshwar dam. There is also a 3 feet statue of Mother Bhagwati in this temple. The temple and the idol are at a depth of 40 feet in the Narmada.

After the construction of the dam in 2007, Sailani and Panthiya villages also came in the catchment area, so the feet of Guru Kamal Bhartiji were shifted from here to the Shri Siddha Ganesh temple at Siddhavarkoot. Maa Bhagwati and other idols were left here. The idols are of Pandava period.

After displacing the Charan padukas, Shri Siddha Ganesh Hanuman temple is kept near Siddhavarkoot.

Information received after 10 days investigation
This cave and temple are submerged 200 meters away from the island of Sailani. For its photo, Bhaskar took the help of scuba diver Yasir Haseeb. Photojournalist Vikas Chauhan also got into the water with a scuba diver carrying an underwater camera. There was a lot of silt in the water. Photo-videos were made due to the fix of sunlight. Earlier, the challenge before the team was to collect information about the cave and the idols. For this, information was taken from the displaced villages and the officials working on the dam. Exact information not found. 9 days passed in this search. Eventually the local people told that Ishwaranand Bharati Maharaj could tell something about this. With that the search came to an end.

Dive into 40 feet deep water with photojournalist Vikas Chauhan and scuba diver.

Dive into 40 feet deep water with photojournalist Vikas Chauhan and scuba diver.

Jyotirlinga, Mamleshwar, Narmada Darshan used to be together
Ishwaranand Bharti of Goseva Sansthan told that Kamal Bhartiji had come to the village during Narmada Pradakshina. He did penance in the cave. It was here that his tomb was also built. Sitting at the samadhi site, one eye used to see the Jyotirlinga temple, the other to the Mamleshwar temple and the Narmada Maiya in the direct direction of the nose. Due to the construction of Omkareshwar Dam in 2007, this site got submerged. From here, other idols including Charan Padukas were displaced. Some sculptures remained. The temples and idols are of Pandava period. Where the tourist resort has been built, that place was earlier called Babaji ki Maad.

Scuba diving soon in Hanumantiya
S Vishwanathan, managing director of the tourism department, said that scuba diving has received a good response on the tourist island. In view of this, scuba diving will be started in Hanumantiya soon.

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