ALERT For Bike, Scooter Riders! ACTION SOON If You Dont Have HSRP – Read Details

To enhance vehicle security and streamline registration processes, High-Security Registration Plates (HSRP) have now become mandatory across almost all states in the country. In Uttar Pradesh, the HSRP test for all Vehicles will start soon. The Transport Commissioner has asked the RTO and SRTO to fasten the vehicle testing process for HSRP plates. The biggest challenge is the two-wheeler vehicles. According to reports, there are more than 2 crore two-wheelers without HSRP number plates in the state. In UP there is a provision of RS 5000 fine on vehicles without HSRP number plates.

What Is HSRP Plate?

HSRP is a specialized type of vehicle registration plate, that aims to enhance the resilience of vehicles against theft and misuse, offering increased security features compared to traditional plates. HSRP plates are crafted from aluminium and are uniquely designed to deter tampering and unauthorized removal. The distinguishing feature of HSRP lies in its permanent identification number, laser-branded onto the plate. Additionally, each plate is adorned with a blue chromium-based hologram of the Ashoka Chakra and a hot-stamped film overlaying the registration numbers, providing further security measures. For vehicle owners looking to comply with the HSRP mandate, the process has been streamlined by the Transport Department. An integrated web portal,, has been established to facilitate the transition. Through this portal, owners can easily order their HSRP, select dealer locations for installation, and schedule convenient installation dates and times. Typically, the plate is ready within 15 to 20 days of application, and installation can be arranged promptly through the designated dealer.

Steps To apply For HSRP Number Plate:

1.      Visit and click on “Book HSRP” in the top right corner.

2.      Fill in basic details such as name, vehicle number, phone number, email address, state, and district. Agree to the terms and click submit.

3.      Select your district and vehicle type (2-wheeler, 3-wheeler, 4-wheeler, or commercial vehicle), then choose your vehicle brand. You’ll be redirected to one of four websites:,,, or

4.      Enter your vehicle details like number, chassis number, and engine number. Provide your address, phone number, and email for contact. Make the payment online. If you opt for in-store fitting, select a suitable date and time slot.

5.      Once payment is confirmed, you’ll receive an acknowledgement. Keep a copy of this before visiting the store for plate fixation. You can either have the plate delivered to your home or shipped to a nearby showroom or workshop for easy installation.

Remember, these platforms don’t offer cash on delivery, so ensure prepayment. Following these steps will help you smoothly obtain your HSRP number plate

By following these steps diligently, you can successfully apply for an HSRP number plate through the SIAM’s official website, contributing to enhanced vehicle security and compliance with regulatory mandates.

Vehicle owners need to adhere to the HSRP requirement, particularly those with vehicles registered before April 1, 2019. Failure to replace old registration plates with the new HSRP may result in penalties imposed by the transport department.

The implementation of HSRP nationwide signifies a significant step towards enhancing vehicle security and ensuring standardization in registration practices.