Air India changes the policy of serving alcohol in flight: Passengers will not be able to drink alcohol unless served by the crew

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18 hours ago

Air India on Tuesday changed its in-flight alcohol policy following incidents of urination and misbehavior by passengers. As per the changed policy, passengers will not be allowed to consume alcohol in flight unless served by crew members. Cabin crew have been asked to be vigilant in identifying passengers who may be consuming their own alcohol in flight.

In the new policy, cabin crew have been asked to serve alcohol judiciously and refuse if the passenger asks for more. On the other hand, DGCA has imposed a fine of Rs 10 lakh on Air India for the liquor scandal as the airline did not report the matter to DGCA.

Input of US’s NRA guideline as well
Air India said that the airline has also taken inputs from the practice of other airlines and the US National Restaurant Association (NRA) guidelines in its in-flight alcohol service policy. These are largely in line with the existing practice of Air India. However, some changes have been made for better clarity. The NRA’s traffic light system will help crews identify and ban potential cases of intoxication. The new policy has been implemented for the crew and included in the training syllabus.

Crew members will be alerted by three colors
Crew members will be alerted by three colors. Green color means the passenger boarding the flight is very normal. The crew members of the flight are being treated properly. Alcohol may be served. Yellow means the passenger is slightly intoxicated. Air India crew will not call any passenger drunk. Crew members will not talk loudly to passengers. If the passenger does so, the crew member will lower his/her voice.

Understand why Air India took this decision
On December 6, a passenger was seen smoking in the toilet on an Air India flight from Paris to New Delhi. The passenger is also accused of not following the instructions of the crew members. He later urinated on a woman’s blanket. A similar case came to light on December 6, after which Air India has changed the policy of serving liquor in flight.

This picture is of Shankar Mishra, the man who urinated on a woman in an Air India flight on November 26.

2 urination incidents in Air India flights in 10 days
Last year there were urinating incidents in Air India flights in 10 days. Before December 6, on November 26, 2022, a similar case had come to light in an Air India flight going from New York to Delhi. Shankar Mishra, who was traveling in business class, urinated on a woman under the influence of alcohol. Although the report in this case was registered on January 4, 2023.

Such cases have happened in flights of other airlines as well...

Argument between air hostess and passenger in Indigo flight

In December 2022, a video of an argument between an air hostess and a passenger surfaced on an Indigo flight. In the clip, both the air hostess and the passenger are seen shouting at each other. It is being told that the debate took place over the food served in the flight. Matters worsened when the passenger called the air hostess a servant. To which the air hostess said – I am an employee, not your servant.

Drunk passengers create ruckus in Indigo flight
On January 8, 2023, three drunken passengers created a ruckus in an Indigo flight going from Delhi to Patna. When the crew members tried to pacify them, the passengers misbehaved with them. Passengers are also accused of scuffling with crew members. Indigo wrote to the administration of Patna Airport about the matter. On this, the security personnel deployed at the airport arrested two passengers and handed them over to the police.

Passenger misbehaves with crew member on SpiceJet flight

In a SpiceJet flight from Delhi to Hyderabad, a man named Absar Alam misbehaved with a crew member. A video of the incident had also surfaced, in which the accused was seen shouting at the airhostess. After this incident, Absar and his fellow passenger were removed from the flight. Delhi Police arrested the accused on the complaint of the airline.

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