After Advisory On Education In Pak, UGC Chief Urges To Choose Foreign Institutes Carefully

New Delhi: University Grants Commission (UGC) chairman Jagadesh Kumar on Saturday urged Indian students to carefully choose educational institutions abroad including in Pakistan, and China amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The statement came after the Secretary of UGC and Member Secretary, AICTE in a joint advisory stated that any Indian national/overseas citizen of India who intends to take admission in any degree college or educational institution of Pakistan shall not be eligible for seeking employment or higher studies in India on the basis of such educational qualifications (in any subject) acquired in Pakistan.

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Jagadesh Kumar said that UGC and AICTE issue such notices advising students to be careful when choosing education institutions in foreign countries for higher education.

“Recently we’ve seen our students facing difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic. They couldn’t go back to China for studies,” he told news agency ANI.

Notably, the higher education regulator had previously warned Indian students planning to pursue higher studies in China, saying it does not recognise “degree courses done only in online mode without prior approval”.

Approximately 20,000 Indian students enrolled in Chinese universities have not been able to return after the country suspended visa and residence permits since March 2020 in view of the pandemic.

“The other major issue is when students go to foreign counties and study in substandard institutions. The issue of parity of degrees will come and which can create problems for students to further continue their higher education or they may not be able to get employment”, said the UGC Chairperson.

That students completing half of their education while coming to India, would not get the benefit of that degree and the parent’s money goes waste. “So, the purpose is to caution the students,” he added, as quoted by ANI.

The former JNU vice chancellor also mentioned the crisis involving medical students studying in Ukraine as he said, “We’ve also seen how 18,000 students had to be airlifted from Ukraine recently. We have issued a public notice to advise students to be careful in choosing universities abroad”.

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The UGC and the AICTE on Friday urged Indian students not to enroll themselves in any college or educational institution in Pakistan.

The advisory, however, mentioned that migrants and their children “who have acquired higher education degrees in Pakistan and were awarded citizenship by India would be eligible for seeking employment in India after obtaining Security Clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs.”

The AICTE further told ANI that after completing half of their education while coming to India, when the students would not get the benefit of that degree, the parent’s money goes waste. “So, the purpose is to caution the students,” he said. 

In 2019, the UGC had issued an advisory against studying in institutes in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

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