Aftab disfigured Shraddha’s face by burning it with a burner: misled the police by saying that she was grinding bones, claims in the charge sheet

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  • Misled The Police By Saying That Bones Were Crushed, Claims In The Charge Sheet

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A new revelation has come to light in the Shraddha Walker murder case in Mehrauli, Delhi. According to the police chargesheet, Aftab Poonawalla had used a blow torch to mutilate her face and head after killing her live-in partner Shraddha Walker. Aftab confesses that his earlier revelation of burning Shraddha’s ashes and grinding them in a grinding machine was to mislead the police.

The dead body was cut with a saw, then the pieces were kept in the bag

Police said that in the polygraph and narco-analysis test, Aftab confessed to the murder.

The police’s 6,600-page charge sheet states that Aftab told police in his new confession that on the night of the murder he went to a hardware store near his home and bought a saw, three blades, a hammer and plastic clips . Took Shraddha’s body to the bathroom and cut her hands before sawing and kept them in a polythene bag. He put this bag in the bottom cabinet of his kitchen.

The next day at around 2 am, he dumped the leg part of Shraddha’s body in Delhi’s Chhatarpur forest area. Over the next 4-5 days, Aftab cut Shraddha’s body into 35 pieces and kept them in a 300-litre fridge at his home in south Delhi’s Mehrauli for about three weeks to prevent them from rotting. He fixed her body parts one by one. Three months after the murder, his head was buried.

phone disposed in mumbai
It has also been said in the charge sheet that Aftab had disposed Shraddha’s phone in Mumbai. Aftab had allegedly confessed to the murder in a polygraph and narco-analysis test conducted late last year. Sources said that Aftab has no remorse.

met on a dating app
Aftab and Shraddha Walker met on a dating app in 2019. After living in Mumbai for some time, both of them started living together in Delhi. Police said Aftab and Shraddha had a fight over household expenses, Aftab’s multiple girlfriends and other issues and their relationship turned strained. It has been told in the charge sheet that Aftab had girlfriends from Delhi to Dubai.

Both had plans to go to Mumbai on May 18, but suddenly Aftab got the ticket canceled. After this there was another fight over the expenses and in a fit of rage, Aftab strangulated Shraddha to death on 18 May 2022.

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