Adil Khan Duraani Says Rakhi Sawant Wanted To Become Like Sana Khan, ‘Wear Abaya & Do Namaz’

New Delhi: Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan have parted ways but the pair have not made peace with each other. Amid charges of cheating, fraud, rape and more, there is more to the problems in their relationship that estranged them. Recently, at a press conference in Mumbai, Adil Khan Durrani, made several accusations against Rakhi Sawant. 

Adil Khan has been in jail for the last 5 months. Now, at a press conference, Adil shared that Rakhi Sawant told him that she wanted to be like actor Sana Khan. She wanted to convert to Islam and follow its teachings.

Adil was quoted by ETimes as saying, “I am a normal, simple person who comes from a business background. I met Rakhi through a mutual friend in Mumbai. We became friends. Rakhi used to continuously come to Mysore. She got to know about my family and business. Slowly and slowly, she observed that I was an Islamic guy. Rakhi knew I came from an Islamic background. When we had conversations, I would tell her, ‘I will call you back as I have to do namaz’.”

Adil also shared that Rakhi had a desire to convert. She told him, “I want to become like Sana Khan, wear an abaya like her. She asked me to make her learn how to do namaz and roza. I taught her because of her interest. I always told her to do it out of her own will, and not because of me. She started doing that.”

Adil claimed that it was Rakhi who insisted on marrying him. He shared that though he wanted to convince his parents and wanted some time, Rakhi shared that she would follow Islam and that would make them accept her.

In the same report, Adil continued, ” Rakhi asked me to get married to her. I told her to clearly wait for 2 to 3 years since I didn;t know her well. But she insisted. I told her my family won’t accept. She asked me to get married but tell my family a year later about it. She said, ‘ After I wear an abaya, get converted to Islam, I want to do umrah and hajj with you, we will do all this and once your family sees this, you can convince them’. I agreed to it eventually.”

Adil also clarified and shared that Rakhi had falsely framed him in a rape case. The Iranian woman in question was somebody who he knew briefly and helped her financially for some time until Rakhi objected.