Actor Tom Hardy Wins Double Gold at Jiu-Jitsu Championship

British actor Tom Hardy proved that he is tough not only on the screen but in real life as well after winning double gold medals in a Jiu-Jitsu tournament on Sunday. Footage of the actor has emerged where he can be seen dominating his opponents during his matches at the REORG Open Jiu-Jitsu championship at Aldersely Leisure Village in Wolverhampton.

In the video shared on Twitter, Hardy can be seen executing a vicious chokehold on his opponent, a move that requires serious expertise to be rendered successfully. His opponent immediately tapped out and Hardy was adjudged as the winner of the bout.

Hardy is not a newbie to the sport and he currently possesses a blue belt in Jiu-Jitsu. He secured double gold in the competition and won most of his matches by submission.

The Brit is also the trustee of the REORG Charity, which teaches the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to those with life-altering injuries or those suffering from PTSD and depression. REORG shared a picture of Hardy on their Instagram handle.

Fans were quick to fill the comment section with praises for the actor.

“Sheesh that late side escape into a chokehold was sick. He’s legit,” one fan said.

“Considering he’s in his early 40s, that’s pretty damn good.” said another fan.

While one comment read, “Tom Hardy is perfect. He’s a 10/10.”

Hardy’s acting career began in 2001 when he appeared in a minor role on HBO’s limited series Band of Brothers. He played John Janovec in the two episodes of the Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks co-created war drama, alongside stars David Schwimmer and Damian Lewis.

The actor received his first Academy Award nomination for best-supporting actor in 2016 for his exemplary performance in the film ‘The Revenant’.

In addition to his role in Peaky Blinders, Hardy is known for playing Venom and marine Tommy Riordan, who competes in an MMA tournament in the 2011 drama ‘Warrior.’

Hardy finished his day by meeting a 10-year-old Venom fan and presented him a signed hat, proving that he doesn’t just play tough guys on the big screen, but he also has some skills in real life.

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