Actor Anish Vikramaditya Will Shoot His Next Film in UP Capital

Actor Anish Vikramaditya, recognized for his versatile performances, is preparing to embark on the shooting of his next feature film in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, and Bodh Gaya, Bihar. Despite facing delays, this project, which holds a special significance for him, is finally coming to fruition. Introduced to the industry by the legendary Dev Anand in the film “Chargesheet” (2011), Anish was last seen in the OTT film “Dilon Mein Uphaan.”  

Reflecting on his upcoming endeavor, Anish shares, “We had previously shot a schedule in Lucknow alongside Russian actor Maiia Voznesenskaia. The story, crafted by Akash Pandey from Gorakhpur, has undergone revisions to incorporate current scenarios and character transformations.” While acting remains his passion, Anish emphasizes his preference for taking on limited projects.

“Dev Saheb gave me my screen name and launched my career. Additionally, I am involved in film production, with projects like Sriram Raghavan’s ‘Merry Christmas’ (2024) and Vasan Bala’s ‘Monika O My Darling’ (2022). Our upcoming release, ‘Pine Cone,’ directed by Onir, is another endeavor close to my heart,” he explains.                                                In addition to his acting commitments, Anish Vikramaditya is set to portray a police officer in the eagerly awaited film “Vagator Mixer,” directed by Dev Anand’s son, Suneil Anand. “Shot across multiple countries over the years, this project holds immense potential and is slated for release this year,” he adds. Balancing his passion for acting with his filmmaking aspirations, Anish Vikramaditya finds fulfillment in pursuing projects that resonate with him creatively. “I enjoy immersing myself in roles that challenge me as an actor, while also exploring avenues for storytelling and creativity behind the camera,” he concludes, embodying a true artist dedicated to his craft.