Action on small VIP numbers in Punjab: Transport minister asked to confiscate vehicles; Security threat due to lack of district code

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In Punjab, people bought old condom vehicles and got their small numbers installed on new vehicles. – symbolic photo

Vehicles with small VIP numbers of vehicles will be confiscated in Punjab. Transport Minister Laljit Singh Bhullar has issued orders in this regard. These numbers without district codes were a security threat to the crime. Which was banned on 30 December 2020 itself. However, no action was taken against them at the ground level.

Punjab Transport Minister Laljit Singh Bhullar.

Punjab Transport Minister Laljit Singh Bhullar.

Numbers were closed after the arrival of the district code
Actually in Punjab, earlier the numbers of vehicles were issued from series like PIB, PIM, PAK. However, when the Motor Vehicle Act was enacted in 1989, the numbers in Punjab started with PB. Apart from this, the code of the district like 01, 02 is also in front of them. If you want to know the details of any vehicle, then immediately that district can be contacted through the code.

Removal orders from transport records
Transport Minister Laljit Bhullar said that these numbers do not meet the criteria of District Code. Action will be taken on all such numbers registered after June 12, 1989. These numbers will now be banned in the transport records. All India website of vehicles will also be blocked in the vehicle. Bhullar said that people can return these numbers and get a new fancy number. Contrary to the rules, vehicles with such numbers will be challaned and confiscated.

How about security?
Apart from the numbers with the district code, the influential people of Punjab started taking the old VIP numbers. These were installed in new vehicles. This posed a security risk. The big problem was that if these vehicles looked suspicious or involved in any crime, then it is very difficult to find out their details. Seeing their numbers, it cannot be ascertained in which district they have been registered. Because of this, questions have been arising about them for a long time.

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