Across the country – Rajasthan: Salman Chishti, who threatened to kill Nupur Sharma who is addicted to drugs, is on trial for murder – #INA – INA NEWS Agancy

Suspended woman leader of BJP Nupur Sharma (Nupur Sharma) After the murder of tailor Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur regarding the statement of, now Khadim history sheeter Salman Chishti of Ajmer Dargah has released a threatening video which is becoming increasingly viral. In the viral video, Chishti is threatening to kill Nupur Sharma, saying that he will hand over his house to whoever brings Nupur Sharma’s neck. After Chishti’s statement came out, once again the round of discussions has started across the state. It is being told that Salman Chishti, who threatened Nupur Sharma (Salman Chishti) He himself is a big history sheeter and he is in Dargah police station. (Ajmer Police) is a habitual offender. According to the information received, many cases of murder and attempt to murder are registered against Salman. At the same time, after the video of Salman surfaced, Anjuman Syedzadgan, an organization of Khadim, has distanced itself from the video. The secretary of the organization, Sarwar Chishti, says that he has nothing to do with the viral video of Salman Chishti. He said that this is a personal matter of Salman Chishti.

Now it has been learned that Salman has made a threatening video against Nupur Sharma in Hujra of Dargah. After the viral video, SHO Dalbir Singh says that the police is still investigating. It is known that inside the dargah, all the Khadims have been given different Hujras.

A case of assault registered in 2020

Let us tell you that Khadim in the dargah is known for his devotion, but the case of Salman Chishti is quite different. According to the police, Salman Chishti is a habitual offender against whom 13 cases have been registered in many police stations of Ajmer. Regarding Salman, Dargah Police Officer Dalbir Singh Faujdar says that a total of 4 cases are registered against Salman in the Dargah police station, including cases related to assault and other sections including murder and attempt to murder.

At the same time, the police also say that the last case against Salman was registered in the year 2020 where he was accused of assault. At the same time, Salman has got relief from the court in many cases before this. However, cases are still going on against Salman in many police stations.

Salman Chishti is addict

Apart from this, it has been learned that Salman Chishti is habitually addicted and while intoxicated, he also talks unrestrained. About Salman, the people around say that quarreling and beating people is his daily work. At present, a team of Dargah police station is raiding Ajmer and many surrounding areas to search the accused Salman.

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