‘Accidental Hindus’ Turn to Amethi and Temples Only Ahead of Elections: Yogi Slams Congress

In a veiled attack on the Gandhi family for its “divisive politics”, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Monday said that those who called themselves ‘accidental Hindus’, cannot call themselves Hindus. “It is during the election, they used to go out to become a Hindu, ‘unhe chunaav me he ‘mandir’ aur Amethi ki yaad aati hai,” the Up CM said.

Addressing a public rally in Amethi which was considered to be one of the Gandhi family’s two bastions till 2019 in Uttar Pradesh, the CM remarked, “Those who have always adopted divisive politics, disintegration and division are part of their genes, whose ancestors used to say that we are accidentally Hindus, they cannot call themselves Hindus,” the CM said.

The CM laid the foundation stone for the Government Medical College in Amethi worth Rs 293 crore and also inaugurated a 500 bedded district-level referral hospital built for Rs 86.42 crore in the district. Union Minister Smriti Irani was also present on the occasion.

The CM also took a jibe at the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi saying that he does not even know how to sit in a temple and knows nothing about ‘Hinduism or Hindutva’. “During the elections in Gujarat, the former MP of Amethi went to the temple and sat there in namaz position, the priests interrupted him and taught him how to sit in a temple,” the CM maintained.

Accusing the previous government of bringing anti-communal law and playing with the faith of Hindus, the CM said, “ By bringing anti-communal law in the country, they wanted to imprison the Hindus of this country, wanted to play with their faith. During the election, they used to go out to become a Hindu.”

He also targeted them saying that they remember Amethi in the elections only. “When the people of this district gave them a chance to serve, they did nothing and now as elections have come, they are coming here again,” he said.

Launching a scathing attack on the ‘bhai-behen’ duo, the CM stated, “During the Covid-19 period, when we were working to save lives for the common man, these brothers and sisters gave fake numbers of roadways, fake numbers of scooters in the name of buses.”

They were playing with the lives of people while we took action against them because they were creating disturbances in the work of the government,” he added.

Slamming the Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav for crying over the recent raids, the CM said that, “Today we are getting the houses built for the poor, in the previous governments this money used to go to the pockets of ‘babua’. That’s the reason they are requesting the Election Commission to postpone the raids and conduct them after the elections.”

Yogi Adityanath further said that when the elections are nearby, they are on political tourism. Taking a jibe at the Congress, he said that we have not given the slogan of ‘Gareebi Hatao’. “Our Prime Minister gave the slogan of Sabka Saath and Sabka Vikas.”

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