A Simple 6-Step Guide To Help You Achieve Clear Skin

We spend an exorbitant amount of money on beauty products to get natural looking clean and clear skin. But, we end up struggling with acne, blemishes, dry or oily skin, and pigmentation to name a few. There are obviously numerous tips for different skin types and skin issues ranging from DIY face packs and scrubs to over-the-counter creams and serums. However, there are a few general tips that everyone should try if clear skin is the ultimate goal.

Here is a simple guide to help you achieve this goal-

Do not pop pimples

Usually, a pimple indicates trapped oil, sebum and bacteria. Popping the pimple will release fluid and expose the skin to bacteria. This will make your skin vulnerable and prone to more pimple formation. Popping may also lead to permanent scarring. So avoid touching your pimples and keep the affected area clean.

Wash your face at least twice a day

You should be washing your face twice daily- once after you wake up and once before bedtime. You should also splash your face with some cold water after sweating. Do not leave the sweat on the skin to dry as it can cause acne. Make sure you don’t touch your face a lot, as your hands can deposit germs, dirt, oils and bacteria to the skin.

Moisturize your face without fail

Be it any season, make sure you keep your skin moisturized. Use a lightweight cream for summers and monsoons, while for winters, opt for enriching formulas to prevent your skin from drying out from the cold wind. After moisturizing and before stepping out, do not forget to apply your sunblock generously on the exposed parts of your skin. Sunblock will prevent your skin from getting tanned and protect you from the harsh rays of the sun.

Makeup Products

Organic ingredients are always a better optician than chemically-loaded products. So when you choose your makeup, opt for organic and natural formulas that will not harm your skin. To remove makeup as well, make sure you use an alcohol-free wipe or solution. You can also use coconut oil to get rid of the last traces of the product. Keep your beauty tools like sponges, blenders, brushes, and mascara wands clean by washing them out frequently.

Avoid hot water and abrasive cleaning tools

Hot water strips off the natural moisture and oils from the skin making it very dry. Scalding water can lead to skin irritation or


Stress can lead to acne and other skin issues by increasing inflammatory compounds in the body. So whenever possible, make sure to de-stress. Try to get regular exercise by going for a walk, a swim or cycling. You can also consider playing badminton. Practice yoga and breathing exercises every day. Indulge in massages and art activities.

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