9 Years Of PM Narendra Modi: How India Made Remarkable Ascendance In Global Affairs

New Delhi: India has seen an increased engagement and prominence on the global stage under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose government at the Centre will complete its nine years on May 30, 2023. A nation of over 140 crore people, India witnessed an all-round development and inclusive growth in almost every sector, resulting in a massive improvement in its overall reputation in the international community. During his tenure, Prime Minister Modi has time and again engaged in improving bilateral relations with various countries. 

Since his first foreign visit to Bhutan in June 2014, PM Narendra Modi has embarked on numerous diplomatic trips, which has also resulted in him establishing personal relationships with world leaders, including those of the United States, Russia, France, Germany, and Japan.

While Modi’s ‘Neighborhood First’ and ‘Act East’ policies helped him strengthen India’s ties with countries in Asia, his ‘vaccine maitri’ when the world was struggling to fight the Covid-19 pandemic helped the country further solidify its status as a responsible global power.

The country’s successful leadership of the International Solar Alliance and the Global Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure has further solidified India’s status as a responsible global power.

After his recent six-day tour across three countries, PM Modi said he speaks confidently of India and its people’s strengths abroad and the world listens because people here elected a majority government.

He said that the world leaders know that what he says is the ‘voice of the 140 crore people’ of India. He said that India faces the challenges of strengthening its roots while also working its way to a new high as the world expects it to.

“Challenges are big. But it is in my nature to challenge the challenges,” he had said earlier this week. 

Recently, Australian PM Anthony Albanese had described PM Modi as ‘the boss’, while US President Joe Biden had said that he wants the Indian PM’s ‘autograph’ and praised his leadership.

“The world is looking at a new India with a new perspective due to Modi’s leadership,” External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said this week as he heaped praise on the prime minister’s leadership for India’s rising image and prestige in the world.

India is being seen as a bright spot globally and the world is placing its confidence in the county as the nation is poised to overtake Germany to become the fourth-largest economy in the next few years.