61 kg gold recovered from Mumbai airport: 7 people including 2 women arrested, had returned from Dubai and Tanzania

Mumbai4 minutes ago

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The customs department has taken a big action at the Mumbai airport. About 61 kg of gold has been seized from here in two separate operations. Its cost is being said to be around 32 crores. Officials said that 7 people have also been arrested, including two women. Officials of the customs department said that this is the biggest seizure in a day by the customs department at the Mumbai airport.

Gold bars made in UAE recovered
In the first operation, one kg gold was seized from four Indians who had returned from Tanzania, the official said. It was hidden in a specially designed belt. The gold was recovered during a search at the airport. Gold bars of 53 kg were also recovered from them. These were made in the United Arab Emirates, which costs Rs 28.17 crore.

Apart from this, 8 kg of gold was recovered from three passengers who came from Dubai. Its price is estimated to be around Rs 3.88 crore. All three have been arrested, they are being interrogated.

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