6 Ways To Up Your Style Quotient This Winter

Every season has its own set of style guidelines. Winter season is all about enjoying nature’s mysterious splendour and relaxing chilly winds. Long trench coats, mix-and-match apparel, micro textures, leather, skirts – winters are all about setting fashion goals.

This season’s fashion will be influenced by adaptable lifestyles, outdoor living, and retro aesthetics. To begin with thick layers of clothing and sweaters. Duh! As winter approaches, changing the fashion rules and reorganising the wardrobe with new style statements is a great way to deal with the cold. Ankit Jaipuria, Co-founder, uKom shares some winter essentials that can help you up your style game this season:

Trench Coats

A long trench coat is one of the classic accessories that are a must for the wardrobe. These are quintessential fashion pieces that haven’t changed much in terms of colour, pattern, or style over the years. Trench coats are sophisticated enough to be worn with both formal and casual attire. This one item of clothing can be worn to a wedding or to the office. This is especially useful if you live in a region with harsh winters. It can be paired with a sweater of the same or different colour, as well as a pair of pants or jeans.

Oversized Sweaters and Sweatshirts

The idea that clothes should fit properly has remained a fashion principle throughout centuries. Although, well-fitted clothing emphasizes your shape, you can’t deny the comfort of wearing oversized sweaters and hoodies in the winter. But if you want to stand out with style, you can pair it with a messy hair bun and casual slacks.

Forever love for leather

Leather apparel has grown in variety over the years, and now we have leather skirts, tracksuits, and tees that have significantly upped the fashion game. While leather clothing adds spice to any outfit and elevates it to the next level of style. As a result, if you don’t already have any leather clothing, now is the time to add it to your fashion rule book for the winters.

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Mix and Match

Winter is the absolute best time to mix and match your clothes. To complete a look, one can wear their favourite summer dress with a warm, cozy coat, a woolen scarf wrapped around it, warm tights, and thigh high boots. You don’t even have to take away your shorts. Pair them with warm, vibrant tights and boots to present yourself in the best light possible. Smart layering is also useful when mixing and matching your winter and summer wardrobes. Just remember not to override too much and try to integrate everything.

Long Skirts

Skirts that keep you cool and comfortable in the summer may be part of your winter styling. If the weather permits, layer long skirts over thermals and pair them with adorable, well-fitting sweaters. For the best effect, wear a belt around your waist and tuck your sweater into your skirt. Moreover, wear a long dress with an elegant blazer for a trendy and glamorous look.


Accessories are fashion’s vital vitamins. In addition to the traditional practice of matching your shoes and bags to your clothing, try something new this winter. Warm hats and scarves will add a new look to your winter wardrobe. You can also use the colour variation in gloves to add some edge to your styling. Statement jewellery is also great for spicing up your winter wardrobe.

Winter is a magnificent season, but it’s also important to dress appropriately. Hence, the best way to upgrade your style with the best clothes to keep the cold at bay is by selecting from a wide range of fashionable items to spice up your winter wardrobe. But, if you’re still wearing plain sweaters and pants, it’s time to update the wardrobe and add some winter flair to it. Furthermore, don’t let the cold weather affect your sense of style. Hence, check out the above aforementioned fashion rule book for winter styling and turn heads wherever you go.

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