5 stylish winter essentials for men – Times of India

As each season passes, what you wear becomes increasingly significant. Winter is a wonderful, albeit frigid, time of year. Certain items are regarded critical must-haves when it comes to dressing for the weather, so you can stay warm while looking wonderfully fashionable. If you’re looking for some winter style inspiration, look no further. For every man, here are some warm and fashionable wardrobe staples, courtesy Manjula Gandhi, Chief Product Officer, Numero Uno

1. Fitted Sweatshirts- Even though you might adore a beautiful sweater, there’s nothing quite like slipping on a sweatshirt. The slouchy fit and soft material can’t be compared to anything else, which explains its lasting popularity. And because comfort is so important this year, they’ll be even more popular than ever come fall, as we are already seeing.

2. Crewneck sweatshirt- the once-modest crewneck sweatshirt now has a fixed position in the fashion industry , coming a long way from where it began. They look chic and sophisticated while also giving a casual vibe to your look!

3. Technical Jackets- One of the overriding trends of the last several seasons has been the rise of technical outerwear in the fashion world, and it will continue well into the new year. Cropped, zip-up silhouettes are taking centre stage this season – perfect for a quick trip to the shops or as a middle layer beneath your winter coat for added weight and protection from the weather.

4. Oversized outerwear- In 2021, tailoring isn’t the only thing loosening up. Slouchy overcoats, boxy puffer jackets, and long parkas will all be trendy as we go towards winter. Oversized belted overcoats, in particular, are deserving of special consideration.

5. The colour Red- The colour Red- scarlet, vermillion, and cherry shades make a sartorial statement this winter. To achieve the desired effect, choose one bright piece and keep the rest of the outfit neutral.