5 Popular Tourist Destinations that Climate Change Might Ruin in Coming Decades

Global warming has micro and macro effects on the day-to-day lives of people. The rising temperatures have wounded all kinds of things, ranging from essential to trivial. In this spectrum of importance, tourism also has been affected. Some of the most glaring changes, due to climate change, can be seen at various major tourist attractions in the world.

Melting ice caps, ruined landscapes, and rising water levels have resulted in tourists preferring to flock to these destinations less often. In this article, let us reflect on five such popular destinations that are, in a way, losing their charm due to climate change

1. Mumbai

Touted as the financial capital of India, Mumbai receives a fair share of the total footfall of people visiting the country. But, this city is witnessing a rise in sea levels on an annual basis which will make it highly prone to flooding in the coming decades.

2. Maldives

Famous for its pristine islands and alluring corals, Maldives, too, will become a victim of rising sea levels. Being the lowest-lying country in the world, in terms of sea level, the risk of this beautiful destination sinking in the coming years is real.

3. Alps

Ranging across eight European nations, the Alps are one of the most visited regions in the world. With mercury on the rise, the alps are experiencing meltdowns that, if maintained course, can result in this destination losing on things to offer to tourists, including a wide range of winter sport activities.

4. Madagascar

A treasure trove of flora and fauna, Madagascar is losing out on its ecological efficiency, which is essential for the survival of many endemic species of plants and animals such as lemurs, the fossa, the Madagascar Banana, among others.

5. Venice

Venice is famous for its sea canals that run in the city, making it both a resource for locals and an attraction for tourists. Rising sea levels put several places in Venice at an acute risk of flooding that will have dire consequences on the city that boasts of its anachronistic charm.

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