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People have always been fascinated by look mythical characters because they demonstrate behaviour which do help us distinguish the good from the bad

Here are five interesting books that must find a place on your book shelf.

Not only are mythological tales entertaining, but they also impart valuable lessons. People have always been fascinated by look mythical characters because they demonstrate behaviour which do help us distinguish the good from the bad, they help us infer better emotions like evil, anxiety, greed, fear, devotion, betrayal and courage. Here are five interesting books that must find a place on your book shelf.


Devi by Prajeet Budhale is activating from cover to end. Over its many pages, the book explores how modern love and spiritual awakening are intertwined. Narrated in four parts—Tamas, Rajas, Sattva, and Nirvana—the drama unfolds over the course of nine years, drawing influence from Navratri and the roles played by three goddesses—Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati. This book is a journey of an ordinary man, whose life transcends because of his extra ordinary love. Follow the protagonist as he goes through life’s ups and downs, fulfilling desires, falling in love, and making a profound realisation.

Ram –  The Scion of Ishvaku

Ram Rajya- was it the ultimate paradise? Amish Tripathi’s Ram Chandra series delves into the strife that descends on Ayodhya, in the year 34 BCE, wherein Raavan, Lanka’s demon king causes grave damage to the land and imposes trade standards, depleting the imperial coffers. The denizens aggravated by the corruption, misery and poverty crave for a strong leader to rescue them from the mire. Will their devoted Prince Ram rise to the occasion and save them? Is Ram going to be able to rise above the muck that people brought on upon him and defend his country for his fellow countrymen? Will his immense love for Sita help him overcome his hardships? Will he be able to vanquish Lord Raavan, the demon that ruined his youth? For answers to all these questions, let Amish Tripathi’s take you on a grand adventure.

Mahagatha: 100 Tales from the Puranas

Puranas are filled with captivating tales. With their timeless relevance stemming from their embodiment of a fundamental yearning for answers, the Hindu Puranas constitute a veritable realm of knowledge. An epic illustrated book of one hundred of the finest legendary tales selected from these old writings is now available for the first time. In addition to well-known tales of gods, demons, sages, and kings, Satyarth Nayak has unearthed obscure tales, and brought them on paper for us to read and contemplate. Nayak narrates these 100 tales in a unique chronological arrangement and through the use of Puranic markers, he weaves a story that spans all four yugas, providing organic and continuous action.

Mahagatha investigates the inner workings of all beings, including humans, demons, and gods, in an effort to comprehend their true intentions. Their motivations are ageless, and that is what makes them relevant to readers even in the present day. With vibrant text and delightful pictures, these one hundred stories will captivate, educate, and help you understand Hindu mythology in a whole new light.

Namaha – Stories From The Land Of Gods and Goddesses: Illustrated Stories Hardcover Edition Special

This anthology of short stories, Namaha: Tales From the Land of Gods and Goddesses, draws heavily from Indian sacred texts that contain timeless wisdom. Abhishek Singh’s storyline and distinctive style help you understand the symbolic, humanistic, and ecological elements of ancient Indian mythology, Singh uses captivating images and employs lyrical prose to transport you to the fantastical realm of ancient Indian mythology.  Stunningly illustrated with an intriguing assortment of tales, this book must be a part of one’s collection.

Through the retelling of traditional tales, readers will develop a deeper affinity for Indian culture and heritage.

The Hidden Hindu

The Hidden Hindi by Akshat Gupta is a thrilling and illuminating voyage of the enigmatic immortals of Hindu mythology, that traces the story of a mysterious middle-aged aghori (Shiva devotee) named Om Shastri who was apprehended and transported to a futuristic facility on an isolated Indian island more than two centuries ago. He is being sought after by Prithvi, a twenty-one-year-old. As he is hypnotised and drugged by a team of experts who wanted to question him, the aghori asserted that he had been present during each of Hinduism’s four yugas (epochs) and had even taken part in the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Who exactly is Om Shastri? Why was he caught? Find answers to all these questions in The Hidden Hindu.