45 not 53 crores were spent on Kejriwal’s bungalow: Medical report revealed- Imran Khan takes drugs

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11 minutes agoAuthor: Shubhank Shukla, News Brief Editor

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Yesterday’s big news was related to the ongoing politics in India and Pakistan. On one hand, the BJP in India had claimed that Rs 45 crore was spent on decorating Kejriwal’s bungalow. Now it is known that 53 crores have been spent in the renovation of his bungalow. On the other hand, the Health Minister in Pakistan said that Imran Khan’s medical examination was done, in which it was found that he is not mentally fit.

But before tomorrow’s big news, today’s major events, which will be watched…

  1. The 8th Governing Council meeting of NITI Aayog will be held today under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister. Chief Ministers of 5 states including Kejriwal have refused to attend the meeting. He has taken this decision in protest against the Centre’s ordinance on transfer-posting of officers in Delhi.
  2. The cabinet expansion of Karnataka government will be done today. Earlier, Deputy CM DK Shivakumar met Sonia and Rahul Gandhi in Delhi. Karnataka can have 34 ministers. 10 ministerial posts including CM and Deputy CM have been filled.
  3. A special conclave will be held at Delhi’s Vigyan Bhawan on completion of nine years of the Modi government’s tenure. It will be inaugurated by Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur. Many Bollywood stars will also participate in this. The achievements of the government in the last nine years will be discussed in the programme.

Now tomorrow’s big news…

1. Congress asked 9 questions on 9 years of Modi government, said- PM should break the silence on the issue of China

In Delhi, the Congress has released a document named '9 years, 9 questions' after holding a press conference.

In Delhi, the Congress has released a document named ‘9 years, 9 questions’ after holding a press conference.

Congress has asked 9 questions on completion of 9 years of Modi government. There are issues like inflation, corruption and unemployment. Congress leader Jairam Ramesh said that Rahul Gandhi raised these 9 questions many times during the Bharat Jodo Yatra. But till date no reply has been received. Now the time has come for the Prime Minister to break his silence on these.

Congress asked PM Modi that China is occupying our Indian land. He shows us red eyes. Despite this, why did the Prime Minister give him a clean chit in 2020? Along with this, the party asked why are you allowing the thieves to flee abroad? Why are you silent on rampant corruption in BJP ruled states?

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2. Rahul got a new passport, Subramaniam Swamy had said – to be given only for one year

Rahul Gandhi will get a new passport for 3 years. The matter was heard in Delhi’s Rouse Avenue Court. The Court said that the No Objection Certificate (NOC) would be valid only for three years. After becoming an MP, Rahul had surrendered his diplomatic passport. He demanded that ordinary passports be issued.

During the hearing in the court, Subramanian Swamy said that Rahul should be given passport only for one year and then it should be reviewed. He further said that a few days ago I had gone to Britain. An official there told me that Rahul has declared himself a British citizen. In such a situation, his Indian citizenship should be revoked.

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3. PM Modi shared the first video of the new Parliament, showing the grandeur of the Parliament

PM Modi tweeted the video of the new Parliament.  Wrote- This video shows the grandeur of the Parliament.

PM Modi tweeted the video of the new Parliament. Wrote- This video shows the grandeur of the Parliament.

The inauguration of the new parliament will take place tomorrow. Earlier PM Modi has shared his first video. The grandeur of the Parliament has been shown in this. The building is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. A multimedia display is placed in front of each MP’s seat in the House. PM Modi said that the new Parliament makes every Indian proud.

Here, the Supreme Court did not listen to the petition demanding the President to inaugurate the new Parliament House. As soon as the petitioner advocate Jaya Sukin started giving arguments, the court said – I do not understand why you people bring such a petition at all? Thereafter, the petitioner withdrew the petition.

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4. About 53 crores were spent on Kejriwal’s bungalow, a new bungalow was built by demolishing the old one.

Not Rs 45 but Rs 52.71 crore has been spent on the renovation of Delhi CM Kejriwal’s bungalow. The Vigilance Department of Delhi Government has submitted this report to Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena. On April 26, the BJP had claimed that Rs 45 crore had been spent on decorating Kejriwal’s house and office.

News agency PTI quoted the report as saying that Rs 33.49 crore was spent on Kejriwal’s house, while Rs 19.22 crore was spent on his camp office. His old bungalow was demolished and a new bungalow was built.

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5. Imran Khan consumes cocaine, Health Minister said – revealed in the medical report

On 3 November 2022, firing was done on Imran Khan.  After this, it was revealed that he was shot in the leg.

On 3 November 2022, firing was done on Imran Khan. After this, it was revealed that he was shot in the leg.

The Government of Pakistan has released the medical report of former Prime Minister Imran Khan. Health Minister Abdul Qadir Patel said that Khan’s medical test was conducted during his custody. His report has come. It has been learned that Imran consumes alcohol and cocaine.

Kadir Patel claimed that Imran is not mentally fit. Also said that Imran had told that his leg got fractured after being shot. He kept walking around with a plaster on his leg for 6 months. But there was no mention of fracture in the medical report, let alone a scratch.

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Today’s cartoon BY Mansoor Naqvi…

Some important news in the headline…

  1. Supreme Court did not hear the petition on the inauguration of the Parliament: the petitioner withdrew the petition, said – will not go for hearing in the High Court (Read full news)
  2. The passenger opened the flight gate at 700 feet height: The incident occurred 2 minutes before landing; accused was trying to jump (Read full news)
  3. 9 years of Modi government: In 2014, 7 and after 4 years, BJP had CMs in 21 states; Now only 14 states have chief ministers. (Read full news)
  4. Allegations of bribery on minister’s sister in Haryana: 20 thousand demanded from the relative of the dead worker, recording viral; Hisar SP started investigation (Read full news)
  5. First wife saddened by Ashish Vidyarthi’s second marriage!: Cryptic post shared on Instagram, said – the right person will never give you pain.Read full news)

News but aside…

The mobile of the officer who went to celebrate the party fell in the dam, 21 lakh liters of water was shed to find it

According to the Irrigation Department, 21 lakh liters of dam water has been released to find the mobile.

According to the Irrigation Department, 21 lakh liters of dam water has been released to find the mobile.

Food Inspector Rajesh Vishwas went to a dam with friends in Kanker, Chhattisgarh. While partying, his mobile worth Rs 1.5 lakh fell into the water. To find him, pumped water from the dam for 4 days. With this one and a half thousand acres of land could be irrigated. After all this effort, Rajesh got the mobile. Collector Priyanka Shukla suspended him after the matter came to light. Along with this, the Water Resources Department has issued a show cause notice and sought an answer in the matter. Read full news…

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