3-Year-Old Found Dead In Drain Inside Classroom, Patna School Set On Fire


A wave of fury engulfed the streets of Patna today as an outraged crowd targeted a private school after the body of a three-year-old was found on the premises.

According to initial reports, the grim discovery was made when the family of the missing child launched a frantic search after he did not return home from school. Upon arriving at the educational institution, suspicions arose as school authorities allegedly attempted to deflect queries about the child’s whereabouts, igniting further concern among family members.

Determined to uncover the truth, the family persisted in their search, eventually leading them to a grim revelation. Deep within the school premises, concealed within a drainage gutter, they found the body of the three-year-old.

In a swift response to the escalating situation, local authorities were notified, prompting the arrival of law enforcement officials to the scene. Patna Superintendent of Police Chandra Prakash said that the investigation is on as the child is seen entering the school, but did not leave.

“In the CCTV footage, we saw that the child was entering the school but at no point can he be seen leaving the school premises. We will investigate it as a murder case as they were hiding the body and it shows criminal intent. We have detained three persons, inquiry is on,” Chandra Prakash told the media.

However, the child’s family and their community members have taken to the streets demanding swift justice. Several vehicles and parts of the school’s walls have been set on fire by the protesters. The angry crowd has also blocked the roads leading to the school.