2023 Range Rover Review: A Luxury SUV For Billionaires With Itchy Boots? Watch Here

The term ‘SUV’ has diluted the most in the modern-day’s automotive business with everything with SUV-esque styling being projected as a Sports Utility Vehicle. Despite the celebration of the dilution of this strong-butch body class, some brands have been managing to hold their ground by proving that SUVs are all about being capable, colossal, classy, comfortable, and costly. A name that I believe fits well with these adjectives is the Range Rover. And since only after a gap of a decade, the world has received the 5th-gen model, we wanted to find out if it fits in the modern world. So, we spent some time with it, and here are our excerpts.

2023 Range Rover: Is it Colossal?

Well, the standard wheelbase version measures over 5 metres in length, 1.9 metres in height, and 2 metres in width. Its heft signifies these numbers rather gracefully. The rims measure 22 inches in diameter as a standard affair, and they certainly can be upgraded to a larger 23 inches.

Feels small to you? Worry not, there is a long wheelbase version on offer too, with 200 millimetres of extra length and wheelbase. Step inside, and you are greeted with a bird’s eye view of the roads, straight from the first floor.

2023 Range Rover: Feel Classy?

In the 5th gen iteration, the key focus was on making the Range Rover look every bit like a flagship. Thankfully, the British marquee has managed to encapsulate the lead on this front with high marks. Over to the front, the grille is sleek, LED headlamps look sharp, and slim fog lamps are neatly concealed in the lower air dam.

Interestingly, everything here sits flush, and the minimalistic theme is well incorporated for reduced aerodynamic drag. Door handles, gills on the side, new vertical tail lamps and everything else is flush fit. Even on the inside, the design remains modern and minimalistic. Even with almost everything redesigned, this behemoth cannot be mistaken for anything else than a Range Rover.

2023 Range Rover: Comfortable Enough?

The inside of the new-gen Rangie is trimmed with leather to the extent that even the roof is lined with the hide. Resultantly, touch and feel is great. The seats are no less than thrones; they are power-adjustable, and get integrated noise-cancelling speakers. Needless to say, the feature list is long and comprises everything that we have ever seen on a car.

Coming in hot on the new Range Rover is the new 13.1-inch Pivi Pro system and a 13.7 instrument cluster. The touchscreen is intuitive with a crisp touch response. Besides, select controls are fixed on the screen, which we admire to the core. The instrument cluster is controlled by buttons on the steering wheel, and it takes some time to get familiar with them. However, it offers a little too much info and customisation.

The rear seats feel as if they belong to a limo. They are identical to a full-size recliner, after all. So, getting chauffeured is as easy as a cakewalk. Nevertheless, getting into them is a little tough. Thus, getting retractable running boards is highly advised. All the controls are in your place from these seats, and all of it is powered. Of course, the boot space is enormous by every margin.  For reference, it houses a full-size spare wheel. There are buttons to drop down seats or even the height of the vehicle for easy access.

2023 Range Rover: Compromised Capabilities?

A total of 3 engine options are on offer for the Range Rover. A diesel and two petrol. We drove the smaller 3.0L V6 petrol motor. Common among all of them is an 8-speed AT. The engine-transmission combination is sweet and apt. The drive is tuned to be comfortable and posh. Yes, 22-inch rims make some squeaks intrude into the cabin.

In addition, the Range Rover gets Terrain Response 2 system, which can control differential locks and suspension height, and even alters throttle response to make it go on paths well suited for its body-on-frame rivals with a lift kit. On the whole, it drives rather smoothly and doesn’t ask for much effort in both off-road and city conditions. For obvious reasons, its dimensions show up as a challenge in tight conditions, but rear-wheel steering is a boon.

2023 Range Rover: Seems Costly?

No doubts. On this aspect, Range Rover is in a win-win situation. It feels rightly priced, but the price tag is stupendously high. A minimum of Rs 2.39 Crore is needed to own this one. Mind you, we are talking ex-showroom prices. And the most expensive trim of all costs Rs 4.17 Crore. In case you’ve got more to spend, there are nearly 1.6 million customization options available for the Range Rover.

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2023 Range Rover: Should You Buy One?

There shouldn’t be any confusion about getting one home or not getting one. Making the decision would be easy and straightforward, just like the Rangie’s approach of being an off-road-worthy limo. So if you are interested in one, do not think twice. But just keep in mind, it isn’t about sportiness, being comfortable and capable is its first nature.