1st MEMU rake to POH departs from KHARAGPUR Diesel POH shop, Rs 10,000 reward to the shop – Rail Hunt

  • PCME gave a prize of two thousand to Nigel Nag and T Ramakant, who built the battery discharger plant

KHARAGPUR: Due to the continuous dedication and efforts of the officers, supervisors and employees of Diesel Periodic Repair Workshop, Kharagpur, the first MEMU rake was repaired by Principal Chief Mechanical Engineer, P.K. Mandal and Chief Works Manager, B. Of. The chariot waved the flag and left. On this occasion, Deputy Chief Mechanical Engineer (Diesel), Ashutosh Kumar, Deputy Chief Mechanical Engineer (Carriage), P.K. Patnaik, Deputy Chief Electrical Engineer (Workshop), S. Behera, Deputy Chief Material Manager, Abdul Hai, Sr. A.F. A (Co.) Shankar Dubey and other officers and supervisors include Vaijayanti Mala, S. D. Mandal, N. s. Mishra and the workers of the factory were present. This Diesel P.O. Important days for H shop.

Principal Chief Mechanical Engineer, P.K. Mandal Diesel P.O. 10,000 to H. Shop for this achievement. Diesel P.O. Nigel Nag and T. Ramakanth, two employees of the battery section of Hshop, built a battery discharger plant. For his achievement, the Principal Chief Mechanical Engineer announced a reward of Rs 2000.

It may be noted that from last year till mid-January of this year, Diesel P.O. H. The shop was constantly struggling with the lack of load. Employees were being transferred unnecessarily without any rules. Due to this, the employees seemed to have their future in balance. To stop this transfer, the office bearers of the South East Railway Labor Union played an important role and for this, the factory secretary of the South East Railway Labor Union P.K. Kundu and zonal vice-president, Manish Chandra Jha, wrote a letter to Kharagpur’s current MP, Dilip Ghosh, informing him about the condition of the employees and sought his cooperation in this. After the intervention of the MP, Diesel P.O. The exercise to save the H. Shop started and the surplus load of the factory was transferred to Diesel P.O. Transferred to H shop.

Talking to the media on the occasion, Workshop Secretary, DPRMS, P.K. Kundu and Zonal Vice President, Manish Chandra Jha Diesel P.O. H. Thanked all the employees, supervisors, officers of the shop for their collective cooperation. Especially Principal Chief Mechanical Engineer, P.K. Mandal and Chief Works Manager, B. Of. Thanked for giving administrative support to Rath. MP Dilip Ghosh was also thanked on behalf of DPRMS.
First MEMU rake done from KHARAGPUR Diesel POH Shop to POH