10-year-old girl dies in mob attack: Suspected of theft in temple, family chased 20KM; Raised the crowd through WhatsApp

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The incident took place on November 14 in Pudukottai village of Tamil Nadu. Its video has gone viral on social media.

A family was attacked by a mob in Tamil Nadu’s Pudukottai village on suspicion of temple theft. Karpagambika, a 10-year-old girl who was injured in the attack on this family going in an auto, died. The incident is of 14 November. Its videos are now going viral on social media.

In the video, the mob is seen attacking six members of the family. Along with the family, 10-year-old Karpagambika also suffered injuries. The injured were admitted to the Pudukottai Government Hospital. Karpagambika died on the evening of 16 November. Police said that temple articles have been recovered from this family.

This still photo has been taken from the viral video.  In this, a mob is seen attacking the family.

This still photo has been taken from the viral video. In this, a mob is seen attacking the family.

The mob chased the family for 20 kilometers

The video states that a group was seen looting religious places near Kilanur township in Pudukottai district of Tamil Nadu. After which the villagers started chasing the people who came out of the village after riding in an auto, considering them as thieves.

The crowd was mobilized by sending WhatsApp messages. After chasing for 20 kilometers, people stopped the auto. After this, the people sitting inside started beating badly, although by then the police reached.

The girl’s mother said – had gone out to visit the temple

The girl’s mother Lily Pushpa has lodged a complaint at the Ganesh Nagar police station. He said his family had left Cuddalore two months ago in an autorickshaw to visit several temples. On November 14, he had a fight with three people near Kilanur. When Pushpa’s husband Satyanarayanasamy intervened, these people attacked.

Temple bells and brass items have been recovered from the family.

Temple bells and brass items have been recovered from the family.

Bells and brass items found near the family
Police said Satyanarayanasamy, a resident of Cuddalore, and his family were traveling in an auto. Bells and brass articles have been seized from them. Some cases including theft are already pending against Satyanarayanasamy. We are probing if all of them together were involved in the theft. The people of the village where the attack took place claim that there was no attack on the children.

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